Your Business Listing on Yelp

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According to this article in Vice, Yelp has added a new feature that for your business listing on Yelp that lists a Grubhub (who is working in partnership with Yelp) phone number instead of a restaurant’s phone number when users click “Delivery or Takeout.” Although restaurants can take their own orders, Yelp is featuring the Grubhub phone number so that they can charge a referral fee to the restaurant.

Grubhub phone numberMany restaurant or other business owners on Yelp may not be aware of this new tactic. Yelp offers the phone number service for restaurants that sign up for Grubhub’s marketing service, but it appears they are advertising the number on their listing.

This kind of advertising encourages users toward a service that costs business owners extra money to order food while searching on Yelp. Business owners should embrace this change by double-checking their own listings on Yelp and making sure their own delivery service numbers are listed as well.