Build the Perfect Team

build the perfect team
In the 90s, the Chicago Bulls were the epitome of a perfect team. Having the perfect team showed not only skill, but endurance, loyalty and trust. It was no surprise that – none other than the Zen guru himself, Phil Jackson had a very unconventional approach to coaching his team. He established trust first, and by doing so, his team went on to be one of the greatest teams in NBA history of all time. Of course, having Michael Jordan at his prime on your team helped a little, but the psychology and method behind that team is what was genius. Here are a few tips to help build the perfect team.

Rules to Build the Perfect Team –

review awarenessWithout rules, chaos can occur. Establish perimeters so the entire team is aware and complies. It’s important that everyone on the team, including the boss follow rules. This leads to harmony.

Harmony to Build the Perfect Team–

review harmonyBalance is key to any team and by delegating tasks appropriately, you can ensure your team is at it’s optimal. Encourage your team members to express any frustrations so that the level of harmony within the group is always balanced.

Communicate to Build the Perfect Team –

communicate with reviews Communicate clearly and establish directives and goals so the team can continually strive to reach and surpass goals.

Share to Build the Perfect Team –

build the perfect teamShare your vision with your team. Include them and explain how they are an integral part of the team and your collective success. Be eager to listen to their thoughts as well and find creative ways to integrate their vision with your existing model.

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