Review Management Increases Business, But…

While many businesses have embraced Reviews Management as a core part of their marketing activities and business process, some fail to see the benefits. Those who do implement see increased business time and time again. Here are the 5 top reasons businesses stop short of managing their online reputations:

5. “It’ Not A Priority” – Old School Thinking

Businesses may not have review software because they don’t know they’re online. Whether you’re on social media or not, most local businesses are already found online. A patron of their establishment may have written a review. Or, a business listing site already has you in their database. Whatever the reason, you’re already online. And if you’re online, looking into those reviews is a priority to see who is talking about you and why.

4. My Reviews Are “Good Enough”

If you have taken a look at your reviews, you may think your reviews are “good enough.” But Local Search results (people who search for a business like yours on Google) impact not only by the number of reviews but by how recent they are, as well. That means if you have reviews that are several months or even years old, you are probably getting outranked by your competition with more recent reviews. Take a look at your competitors and see how they’re faring in comparison. It’s never too late to be the leader of the pack.

3. A Handful of Reviews on One Review Site Is Enough Despite No Increased Business 

When potential customers search for a business like yours, they are most attracted to businesses with good ratings on many review sites. Focusing on review on just one review site doesn’t cut it.  The search results for your business will be limited when you lack reviews on multiple review sites.  This is because the search engines favor businesses with reviews on many review sites.  Put the effort it to get reviews on review sites and you will reap the rewards of increased business.

2. Fear of Getting Negative Feedback

It’s okay, we’ve all been here. Whether the last time you got negative review was back in grade school or just yesterday, negative feedback can be a scary thing. But negative feedback can be the best teacher and it can tell you how to unlock the potential of your business. For example, a doctor can be a great practitioner who is popular with her patients, but the receptionist in her office is a curmudgeon. The doctor didn’t realize this until she read the feedback from her patience. Once she addressed the problem, she saw an increase in referrals. ReviewInc’s software allows you to see all feedback privately before it goes public. Now, you can worry less about the Negative Nellies posting publicly. Plus, you can use their feedback to see how you can get increased business in the future.

1. It’s Too Costly to Get Increased Business

Sometimes it feels like there’s software and apps for everything, and they all cost money. When it comes to reputation management software, it’s well worth it. Managing your customer feedback and online reviews takes time, effort and consistency. More importantly, several university studies have correlated a good online reputation with increased business revenue. The Return On Investment (ROI) alone should satisfy any business owner or Chief Financial Officer.

In the end, it’s not about how much money reputation management software costs, but instead how can you afford not to. ReviewInc is here to make your transition through reputation management easy. Contact Us or Give us a call at 877-973-8439 or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to schedule a training.