Why Customer Feedback is So Critical

It’s no secret that Facebook’s user base is growing with over 1.5 Billion Monthly users. It’s also no secret that Facebook’s Daily Active Users (DAUs), representing 66% of their monthly active users has been growing steadily.  But there is a much bigger story here that Facebook isn’t telling you about why customer feedback is important.

Obviously, the more active your users are, the more opportunity you have to sell advertising. And that’s how Facebook makes money.  But comparing daily to monthly usage hides the reality of Facebook’s success.  In June of 2016, ReviewInc conducted a study of over 2,500 U.S. Consumers asking them about the amount of time they spend on Facebook each day.


Nearly 46% of Facebook’s monthly active users spend more than 15 minutes a day on Facebook, but the real interesting data was comparing how that has changed from one year ago.  In February 2015, ReviewInc ran the same survey and now we can see what a difference a year makes.


The amount of time spent on Facebook by users each day has increased significantly. Last year, 41% indicated they spent more than 15 minutes on Facebook each day and that time increased by more than 10% to this year’s level of usage.


The number of non-Facebook users also decreased meaning that more people are signing up to Facebook and using it more frequently.

Facebook Best Customer Feedback Practices for Businesses

What does this all mean to you if you are a business owner?  First, you really should have a Business Facebook page for your business.  Second, make sure you have customer testimonials and/or Facebook reviews on your Business Facebook page.  Also, use your Facebook page to promote reviews on other sites such as Yelp and Google.

How ReviewInc Can Help Your Reviews

Pardon the gratuitous plug, but ReviewInc can help automate these best practices and much more. Most businesses find it difficult to engage every customer in a consistent process and follow up with social interactions. Utilizing the services of a feedback and review system, such as ReviewInc, is the best way to automate, measure and amplify customer feedback.

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