3 Tips on Responding to Positive Reviews

What we don’t often hear enough of is how to respond to positive reviews rather than negative ones.

We all know that it is hard enough to get people to leave you glowing reviews in the first place. So why not reward those who do with a little bit of praise?

Below are some tips on how to respond to positive reviews:5 star rating

– Be genuine in your reply. Don’t use overly fake-sounding words or tone. The reader will likely be able to see right through that. They might even feel offended by your insincerity.

– Be specific. Don’t use the same response for all of your positive reviewers or simply “like” their review. Tell them what you appreciated about their review and why. If they offered you some constructive criticism in addition to their glowing review, thank them for that too! And make sure to take those words to heart. Some of it can provide you with some valuable changes you can make to improve your business.

– Be prompt. Stay on top of your social media and review sites. It is better to respond quickly to encourage more praise. Additionally, if you respond to their comment a few days or so after they’ve left it, it may be a reminder for them to come back and visit you again. (Depending of course, on what kind of business you have. They’re more likely to make a repeat visit sooner if you were a restaurant than if you were a doctor, for example.) But if your reply comes months after the fact, they might view your delayed response as an indication that you didn’t value their feedback and feel slighted about it; hence, defeating the purpose of responding to them in the first place.

Reputation management software such as ReviewInc have features that make responding to positive reviews easy, such as the Response Creator. If you have writer’s block when thinking of how to respond to positive reviews, the Response Creator has pre-built responses that can businesses craft an appropriate response. To see the Response Creator, book a demo of ReviewInc today!