Review Site Series: Showing Reviewer Stats Next to Review

Yelp reviews
For this edition of our Review Site Series, we wanted to focus on showing reviewer stats next to the reviewers photo and their review. As an example, Yelp does a really good job of displaying stats (number of friends and reviews) of a reviewer next to their profile photo and review.

sample yelp review
An example of a member’s stats displayed next to their photo and review.

We feel that this is a very valuable feature because it lends itself to more credibility of the review content for users. When you see that a person has an extensive amount of reviews, you tend to view them as a more reliable source. Granted, you would still base your opinion off of the actual content of the reviews, such as if they are of high quality and actually make sense. If a person has a lot of reviews but they are poorly written, rife with typos, etc., then that will in effect decrease their credibility as a reviewer.

We think that more review sites should take care to add this feature to their websites. It could build a sense of community amongst the reviewers and could also make their review sites more of a go-to when it comes to finding valuable review content.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!