Follow-Up on Anonymous Posting

anonymous reviewerA few months back, we posted a blog about Anonymous Posting. The blog outlined our view on reviewers posting anonymously, of which we wanted to further elaborate on here.

One of the main reasons why reviewers choose to post anonymously is due to fear of retaliation from the business owner(s). We feel that this consumer fear of retaliation is rather ill-perceived and does not necessarily match the actual intent of most business owners. (Except in a few rare instances).

We feel that contrary to popular belief, local business owners are not “out to get you”. More often than not, local business owners prefer to make amends with those who leave anonymous negative reviews to encourage customers to come back rather than losing out on their business completely.

It is possible that those who are leaving anonymous reviews are using this supposed “fear of retaliation” as a cop-out so they are not held accountable for their points of view, lest any other reviewers (and not necessarily the business owner) disagree with their opinion.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!