Customer Ability to Revise Previous Reviews

revise reviews
For this edition of our Review Site Series, we would like to focus on review sites giving their users the ability to revise previous reviews. Many review sites allow users the capability to revise a review they have previously written and we feel that this is a very important feature for a review site to have.

This is especially helpful for business owners who are proactive about resolving customer complaints, as this provides them with the opportunity to have customers correct their initial statements that could have potentially been initially damaging.

Alternatively, this is beneficial if a customer initially had a very good experience and wrote about it, but returned to that business and subsequently had a terrible experience. This allows them to revise (or add to) their initial positive review.

However, we feel that if a review site allows this capability, it is important for the edit history to be available publicly. This could be either a small link underneath the revised review that says, “View Edit History” or a little flag off to the side of the review saying the same.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that being able to revise a previously written review is important? Why? Let us know in the comments below!