Review Site Series: Review Minimum/Maximum Length


review length
This week we wanted to focus on the review minimum/maximum length imposed by review sites. Many review sites require a certain amount of characters before being allowed to post a review. Conversely, some review sites impose a maximum amount of characters that are allowed in a review.


For example, Yahoo! Movies requires a minimum of 400 characters before you can post a review. On the flip side of that, Foursquare only allows a maximum of 200 characters. It’s interesting to note that one review site’s maximum length is half that of another review site’s minimum length. Granted, it all depends on the review site’s nature of reviews. In this case, movie reviews generally would require more detail, whereas Foursquare check-ins encourage “tips” rather than actual full-length reviews.

We at ReviewInc feel that there are definitely pros and cons to both.

Review Minimum Length Pros:

-Prevents spam
-Forces reviewers to give a little more detail about their experience that in essence makes the review site more effective for consumers.

Review Minimum Length Con:

-Does not allow for legitimate reviewers who have very little to say about their experience to post a review.

Review Maximum length Pros:

-Prevents spam
-Makes it so that everyone is not posting lengthy novels about their experiences and every review is concise enough to be skimmed through quickly. Quality control, if you will.

Review Maximum length Con:

-Does not allow for legitimate reviewers who genuinely have a detailed description about their experience to go as in depth as they’d like about their experience.

What are your thoughts on review minimum/maximum word limits? What are some pros and cons of your own? Tell us in the comments below!