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eMarketer Highlights ReviewInc: Online User Reviews

By February 12, 2013August 4th, 2020Online Reviews


Recently, Krista Garcia of eMarketer reached out to ReviewInc’s Chief Operating Officer, Henri Isenberg for their article titled “Online User Reviews: Building Trust and Boosting Sales”. ReviewInc and Mr. Isenberg were highlighted with other industry experts from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Bazaarvoice, and TrustPilot.  The article provided research results and expert opinions related to subjects that included: Perceptions of Fake Reviews, Why Reviews Matter, Influence of Reviews on Sales, Trust in Reviews, and How to Build Trust in Reviews.   The article quoted many of the findings of ReviewInc’s research (ReviewInc’s University Study) along with quotes from Mr. Isenberg on various topics.

On the topic of lack of online user reviews, eMarketer wrote:  ReviewInc’s Isenberg noted that a lack of reputation is just as bad as a poor one: “That’s what social media has done.  It’s moved us to a realm where you expect to find someone’s reputation online.  You have to have reviews.”

Mr. Isenberg was also quoted on ReviewInc’s views of fake reviews:  “From my experience, most consumers have a pretty good BS meter built-in,” said Henri Isenberg, COO of ReviewInc, a software provider that monitors reviews and enables businesses to share them. “I think that we don’t give enough credit to consumers to look at stuff and really tell on their own, ‘Wait, this doesn’t look right.’”

eMarketer concluded that “Consumers haven’t lost confidence in user reviews, but companies still need to remain vigilant” and that “To maintain authenticity, new standards are constantly being developed.”  But ultimately, “Consumers deserve credit….a majority of US internet users are seasoned social media users and online buyers… Most internet users have the experience and sense to detect when something seems too good to be true or looks suspect.”

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