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By November 30, 2012 March 3rd, 2020 Online Reviews

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There came a day, when a brilliant idea is shared, and I dropped everything else I was doing.

My name is Ron Laughton, CEO of ReviewInc. I own a thousand websites, most notably Spreety TV Online and Rank Ace SEO Tools.

In September, 2011, a call came from the CEO of one of the fastest growing Internet Marketing Companies. He had a simple problem:

  • The online reviews were negative.

I have been a happy customer of his company for years, and I knew the reviews were not reflective of the true excellence of his company. So I looked around, and:

  • The place I bought my car had negative reviews online.
  • The place I bought my dishwasher had negative reviews online.
  • The place I bought my mattress had negative reviews online.

In each case, I had an excellent customer experience. Then it dawned on me:

  • Why was I, the happy customer, staying silent?

The answer is that no one asked me to share.

While complainers are complaining, happy reviewers are staying silent.

The solution:

  • Collect feedback from everyone.
  • Privately handle the issues professionally.
  • Ask customers to share.

The result:

  • Negative situations are turned to positive.
  • Positive reviews are proliferated online for potential new customers to see.

This is classic customer relationship management in the new age of online reviews.

Stay tuned for our series of posts on why online reviews matter.

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Ron Laughton, CEO