Reputation Score for Your Business

Just like you have a credit score based on your financial credibility, your business has a Reputation Score.

This reputation score measures how much customers trust your brand online on a scale, which is primarily based on your online listings and reviews.

What is My Reputation Score?

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What are Some Ways I Can Improve My Reputation Score?

Improved ROI for Marketing

Be Aware

Along with organizing your listings, you also need to be aware of all reviews online to know what people are saying about your business so you can increase your reputation score.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Be Polite

If your business has a negative review, you should respond politely publicly to show that your business values customer satisfaction.

Bidirectional communication with customers

Private Feedback

Alternatively, you can also respond to negative reviews privately to resolve the issue and ask to review your business again once they are satisfied.

Encourage Reviews

Encourage Reviews

You will proactively encourage happy customers to write positive reviews and then share them on your business’s social media and website, which increases your reputation score, especially on Google.

Admin Portal

Review Management

Review management software makes all of the above easy.

Need Help With Your Reputation Score?

User Roles

Business Insights and Listing Alerts

ReviewInc lists all your business listings together so that you can view and update them all easily and quickly.

Negative Feedback Management

Review Tracking

The software features tons of data on your business reviews–how many reviews you’ve received each month, star average, review count, and your reputation score.

Single Sign On

Multiple Response Pages

The software is integrated with Facebook and Google so you can reply to reviews directly from your dashboard with easy to use click through links. This eliminates the need to memorize multiple logins and passwords.

Negative Feedback Management

Private Feedback Response Management

Customers are directed to provide private feedback so that you can address their concerns directly. When they leave positive feedback, you can easily display it on your business’s website as a testimonial.

Automated Notifications

Collecting New Reviews and Automated Review Requests

Businesses can create customizable email or text campaigns to send to contacts that ask how their experience was and provide a link to leave a review.


Sentiment Analysis

Identifies words that customers are using the most in reviews which can provide ideas for new marketing campaigns or areas of improvement.

3 Things Holding You Back

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Why do reviews matter? What makes them important? 90% of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and 80% of customers say they will try a business that has 4 stars or more.

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Is it difficult to manage or time-consuming to set up? We offer a simple, straightforward, setup process. With our user-friendly platform and support team, you can easily manage your reviews with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort in the long run.

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Business Reputation Score Guide

Guide Table of Contents

Understanding Business Reputation Score: What It Means and Why It Matters

The Significance of a Reputation Score for your Business in Today's Digital Landscape

​​In today’s digital age, our reputation is no longer confined to the opinions of those we interact with personally. Every review, comment, and interaction leaves a trace that contributes to our online presence. Whether we like it or not, our reputation has become increasingly important for your business. Enter the concept of the reputation score – a visual representation of how others perceive us in the digital world. Understanding one’s reputation score has never been more vital, and it can have a significant impact on various aspects of being seen by more prospects, attracting or repelling existing prospects, and building or losing trust. In this article, we will delve into what exactly a reputation score is, why it matters so much in today’s interconnected world, and how businesses can leverage their own reputation score to their advantage. Let’s see how this works.

Your Reputation Score Influences Your Business Growth (or Decline)

​In today’s highly digitized world, where information about individuals and businesses can be accessed at the click of a button, reputation holds paramount importance. Your reputation score, whether personal or business-related, can heavily influence your growth or decline in the competitive marketplace.

My reputation score refers to the impression people have of me or my business based on my credibility, reliability, and overall performance. It encompasses factors such as customer reviews, social media presence, online feedback, and industry reputation. A strong reputation score can translate into increased customer trust, loyalty, and ultimately, business success.

Conversely, a poor reputation score can have a detrimental impact on a business. Negative reviews and low customer satisfaction ratings can lead to a decline in sales, loss of valuable clients, and a tarnished brand image. In today’s era of interconnectedness and digital networking, word travels fast, and one bad experience can significantly impact an organization’s growth.

To ensure business success, it is imperative to actively manage and maintain a positive reputation score. This involves consistently delivering high-quality products or services, promptly addressing customer concerns, and engaging in transparent and ethical practices. By doing so, businesses can bolster their reputation score, strengthen customer relationships, and ultimately cultivate long-term growth and success.

A positive reputation score increases customer trust, loyalty, and acts as a catalyst for success. Conversely, a poor reputation score can lead to a decline in sales, loss of clients, and a damaged brand image. Therefore, it is essential for businesses to actively manage and cultivate a positive reputation score by providing exceptional service, addressing concerns promptly, and maintaining ethical practices throughout their operations.

What Does a High Reputation Score Mean And How Do You Get There?

We all know that having a great reputation is super important. This applies not just to people, but also to businesses. Businesses have something called a “business reputation score”. This score is like a report card. A high business reputation score is like getting straight A’s. It means the business is doing a great job and people trust it.

One way to get a high business reputation score is to always give great products or services. This is like being the best at what you do in school. Another way is by listening to what customers have to say and making sure they’re happy. Imagine if you’re a friendly student who always helps others in class, your popularity would surely go up, right?

And just like how you’d say sorry and try to make things right if you upset a friend, businesses also need to politely respond to customer feedback and fix any issues. This shows that they care and are willing to learn and improve.

Lastly, businesses need to be honest and clear about what they can do. Lying or hiding things can really hurt their business reputation score. It’s like breaking a promise to a friend, it can make them trust you less.

So, to keep their business reputation score high, businesses should focus on giving great service, listening to their customers, fixing problems, and being honest. They need to behave just like the ‘straight A’ student in school who is liked and trusted by everyone.

Again, let’s remind ourselves:


  • Maintain high quality in products or services.
  • Listen to customers and ensure their happiness.
  • Respond politely to feedback and fix any problems.
  • Be honest and clear about what the business can do.

Key Factors that Contribute to Your Reputation Score

Alrighty, time to get a bit technical! Even though it might sound hard, it’s actually pretty simple.

Think of your business reputation score like a big school project, where your teacher is looking at a bunch of different things to give you your final grade. These things include the quality of your work, the number of times you’ve turned in your homework, how recent your work is and so on. Similarly, there are certain things that determine your business reputation score too.

The first big thing is your online reviews. It’s like the quality of your school work. If you have great reviews and lots of them across different review sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook, then it’s like getting an A+ on your project.

Now, just having one really awesome review isn’t enough. Remember, the number of reviews you have is also important. Imagine if you consistently turn in really good homework, you’ll likely get a higher grade, right? It’s the same with reviews. If your business has lots of good reviews, then your score will be higher. Basically, the more the better!

The distribution of your reviews matters too. It’s like showing your teacher that you’re not just an ace at math, but also at English, science, and history. Similarly, you need good reviews on different review websites, not just one.

How recent your reviews are, is also key. It’s like how in school, you can’t just do well at the beginning of the year and then slack off. You need to keep doing well the entire year. So, getting regular new reviews is super important too.

When it comes to scores, think of it like school grades. A 5-star rating is like an A+ and means you’re doing great. Anything below 4 is like getting a C or lower, and means there’s room to improve.

So to get a top reputation score, you need to focus on getting lots of awesome reviews, spread across different sites, and make sure they keep coming in regularly.

In summary:


  • Get awesome reviews
  • Make sure you have lots of reviews
  • Aim for reviews across multiple websites
  • Keep getting new reviews all the time


Aim for a 5-star reputation score, anything less means you need to improve…

The Impact of a Positive Reputation Score on Customer Trust

Let’s use a cute example. There’s a family-owned ice cream shop called “Scoops of Joy”. They always aim for a positive reputation score and here’s how it impacts them.

One sunny day, a new customer named Billy decides to try their ice cream. Why? Because Scoops of Joy has an impressive 5-star rating and tons of happy reviews online. This positive reputation score has impressed Billy even before he has tasted their ice cream! Around 91% of people read online reviews before trying something new, so Billy isn’t alone.

Now, because of their positive reputation score, Scoops of Joy is easy to find online, even when Billy just googles “best ice cream shop”. This is because search engines like Google give higher rankings to businesses with good reputations. So, Scoops of Joy shows up right at the top, making it easier for Billy and other customers to find them.

Once Billy walks into Scoops of Joy, he’s greeted with a smile and served the most delicious ice cream he’s ever tasted. This wonderful experience makes him trust Scoops of Joy even more and he decides, this is his new go-to ice cream shop. Studies show that 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and Scoops of Joy had both!

Impressed by their positive reputation score and his own great experience, Billy also leaves a 5-star review. He even recommends Scoops of Joy to his friends and family. So now, more people are visiting Scoops of Joy because of their positive reputation score and bringing in more business growth for the shop.

But the story doesn’t end there. Happy customers like Billy keep coming back for more, and they bring new customers with them. This continues to boost their positive reputation score and the cycle continues. Remember, a happy customer will come back 3 times more often and that’s exactly what happens at Scoops of Joy!

So, as you see, a positive reputation score earns the trust of customers like Billy. It helps grow the business, improves its visibility online, and ensures that customers keep coming back for more. Pretty powerful, right?

In conclusion:


  • Make sure your reputation score is positive to attract more customers like Billy.
  • A high reputation score also boosts your SEO rankings making you more visible online.
  • With the right positive reputation score, your prospects are more likely to become regular customers.
  • Lastly, a positive reputation score ensures your customers keep coming back, just like Billy did with Scoops of Joy.consistently delivering exceptional experiences.

Why Forgetting About Your Reputation Score Could Be Like Forgetting Your Homework

Imagine another story. There’s a pizza shop named “Cheesy Delights”. They used to have a good reputation score but then they stopped paying attention to it.

Just like you might forget to do your homework one day, Cheesy Delights forgot about their reputation score. And just like forgetting your homework can drop your grade, neglecting their reputation score caused some really bad stuff for Cheesy Delights.

First, they stopped asking their happy customers to leave reviews. So, the number of their reviews dropped. Remember when we talked about how having lots of good reviews is like turning in a bunch of really good homework assignments? Well, Cheesy Delights stopped ‘turning in’ their assignments. So, their ‘grade’ or reputation score fell down.

Also, when a couple of unhappy customers left bad reviews, Cheesy Delights didn’t respond or try to fix things. This made those unhappy customers even more upset and they told their friends and family to stay away from Cheesy Delights. Around 95% of unhappy customers tell others about their bad experience, so this was like a large group of students spreading the word about how hard a certain teacher’s class is.

Then, a bad review popped up on Google but Cheesy Delights didn’t notice it because they weren’t paying attention to their reputation score. Because of this, when other customers searched for “best pizza shop”, Cheesy Delights wasn’t at the top anymore. Their SEO rank had dropped, just like your grade can drop if you forget your homework.

With no new positive reviews and a few unhandled negative ones, their overall reputation score started to fall. Soon enough, Cheesy Delights was not the popular pizza shop anymore. Their business suffered because they had neglected their reputation score.

So, you can see, forgetting about your reputation score can be really bad. It’s like forgetting your homework. It can cause your business to lose customers, drop in search rankings and even lose business growth.

In short:


  • Always remember to pay attention to your reputation score, just like you would remember your homework.
  • Respond to all reviews, especially the negative ones, to keep your score high.
  • Make sure you have new positive reviews coming in regularly.


Never forget, a neglected reputation score can harm your business just like forgotten homework can drop your grade.

Smart Ways to Make Your Reputation Score and Brand Shine Brighter than a Star

​Let’s think of your reputation score as a star’s brightness. The brighter the star, the easier it’s to see, right? Similarly, the higher the reputation score, the easier it is for customers to find and trust your brand. Now, how can you make your star shine brighter? Here are some smart ways.


  1. Encourage Reviews Like They’re Fan Mail: Strive to get more and more positive reviews, like they’re letters from your fans. About 7 out of 10 customers will leave a review if you ask them nicely. So, just like you would ask your fans for letters, ask your customers for reviews.
  2. Respond to Reviews Like Personal Messages: If a fan writes you a letter, you’d reply, wouldn’t you? Similarly, always respond to your customer reviews, whether they’re good or bad. Around 89% of consumers read businesses’ responses to reviews. So, your replies can show them how much you care.
  3. Protect Your Star From Dusty Negativity: Sometimes, stars can get hidden by clouds or dust. Just like that, your reputation can be harmed by negative reviews. But don’t worry! Responding to negative reviews and trying to solve the problem can show customers that you’re committed to giving them a great experience.
  4. Keep Your Star Shining with Consistency: The North Star is always there, right? Always trustworthy. Make your brand the same for your customers. Provide great service consistently. Happy customers will then shine a light on your brand through good reviews, increasing your reputation score.
  5. Give Your Star a Boost: Use an online reputation management tool like ReviewInc. These tools can help track your reviews across different platforms. They can also help you respond to reviews faster. Just like a telescope helps you see stars better, these tools help you manage your reputation more effectively.


So, make your brand’s star shine brighter than ever before. Boost your reputation score and see your brand grow. Always remember: a shining reputation is like a shining star, always attracting more eyes towards it.

To sum it up:


  • Encourage your customers to leave reviews.
  • Make sure you respond to all reviews.
  • Don’t let negative reviews hide your shine – handle them positively.
  • Keep giving great service consistently.
  • Use tools like ReviewInc to manage your reputation effectively.


Remember, a high reputation score will make your brand shine brighter!

Unlocking Success with Your Reputation Score and Online Reviews

​Do you want to be the star player in the business game? Your reputation score and online reviews can be your secret power-ups! Here’s how they can level you up:

More Customers from More Reviews

Statistics show that 93% of people check out online reviews before they decide to buy something. This is like 9 out of your 10 friends choosing to eat at Joe’s Pizza because they heard it’s the best in town!

Good Reviews, Bigger Bucks

A study has found that businesses with more than 9 recent reviews earn 52% more than the average. So, if you’re great at something and more people say nice stuff about you, you get more candies at the candy store. Sweet deal, right?

Reviews Push You to the Top

Online reviews help you climb higher on Google’s search results. Research shows reviews make up about 15.44% of how Google ranks a business. So, more reviews are like more ladders in your video game that help you reach the top faster!

The Google Map Pack Perk

Google’s local map pack shows in the top spot in 93% of searches when we look for something local. Having more good reviews can push your business into Google’s map pack. It’s the same as making it to the top 3 in your school’s spelling bee because you are good and everyone knows it!

Outrun Your Competition

Research shows, 63.6% of customers check a business’s Google reviews before buying. So, if you have better reviews than your rival businesses, it’s like you’re the faster runner in a race and more people cheer for you!

According to ReviewInc data, businesses using their reputation score and reputation management tools see a 12% increase in their overall ratings. So, using a tool like ReviewInc can be your golden ticket to getting more stars!

In conclusion;


  • Get more customers by getting more reviews.
  • You can earn big with good reviews.
  • Boost your Google rankings with more reviews.
  • Aim for Google’s local map pack.
  • Outperform your competitors with better Google reviews.


Use ReviewInc to improve your ratings!

With good reviews and a high reputation score, you can be the champion of your business game. Ready, set, go!

Tools and Resources to Monitor and Manage Your Reputation Score

​Okay, let’s talk superheroes! On their own, every superhero is cool. They’ve all got their unique powers like super strength, super speed, or even being super smart. But, when superheroes team up as the Avengers, they become even more powerful!

That’s what happens when you use a tool like ReviewInc to manage your reputation score. It’s like forming your own team of superheroes! You get to combine the powers of big superheroes (like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yellowpages, and Tripadvisor) and even the powers of some niche superheroes (like and all in one place.

Think about this. Instead of running around to check on each superhero individually, wouldn’t it be easier if all of them were in one place so you can keep track of their adventures? ReviewInc does exactly that by integrating with all these review sites!

Imagine if superheroes could instantly tell you what people think about them. With ReviewInc, you get real-time updates on your reputation score just as if the superheroes were reporting back right away!

Better yet, ReviewInc adds intelligence to the mix. It uses AI to suggest the best way to respond to reviews. It’s like having your own Tony Stark (the super brainy Iron Man), helping you figure out exactly what to say!

And guess what? ReviewInc has a superhero support team. This group of US reputation management strategists is there ready to help, just like the Avengers rushing to the rescue when needed.

Then there’s the magic words list that has helped ReviewInc gather over 5 million reviews. It’s like our own Doctor Strange casting some powerful spells!

To sum it up, with ReviewInc, you get:


  • Optimization of a whole bunch of big and niche review sites for easy management.
  • Real-time updates on your reputation score.
  • AI-powered suggestions for responding to reviews.
  • A support team of US reputation management strategists.
  • A proven list of words that has generated a heap of reviews.


So, ready to assemble your own team of reputation superheroes? Let’s do it!

Of course, even superheroes need to learn some tricks of the trade. Here’s your advanced training in:

Super Moves for a Stellar Reputation Score: Unleashing the Power of Consistent Action and Smart Tools for Ultimate Success," the ReviewInc edition!

First things first, always be ready for action – check your notifications regularly. ReviewInc can alert you when there’s a new review or question that needs your super attention. This lets you swoop in and respond quickly, just like how Superman is always ready to save the day.

Next, remember to be thankful – even superheroes need an attitude of gratitude. Whenever you receive a positive review, respond with a thank you. It’s a simple but super powerful move that shows you appreciate your customers and value their feedback.

But what if the feedback is not so great? Well, even superheroes face challenges. When you receive a negative review, see it as a chance to learn and improve. Respond kindly and professionally, just like how Captain America would handle a challenging situation.

Don’t forget, your uniform is part of your superhero identity. On the internet, this means regularly updating your profile on review sites with current information and engaging images. This lets people easily recognize and connect with your brand.

Finally, even superheroes need to rely on their team. Share your vision with your staff. Encourage them to provide the best service possible and to request feedback from customers. This helps ensure that your team is working together to give the best customer experience, just like the Avengers!

So, here are your additional “Super Moves for a Stellar Reputation Score: Unleashing the Power of Consistent Action and Smart Tools for Ultimate Success”:


  • Use ReviewInc’s alerts to stay ready for action.
  • Always thank your customers for positive reviews.
  • Handle negative feedback with grace and professionalism.
  • Keep your online profiles updated and engaging.


Share your vision with your team and encourage them to provide top-notch service and to ask for feedback.

With these super moves, your reputation score is sure to shine bright. ReviewInc makes it easy for you to be a reputation management superhero, even if you only have 5 minutes a day!