Reputation Score for Your Business

Just like you have a credit score based on your financial credibility, your business has a Reputation Score.

This reputation score measures how much customers trust your brand online on a scale, which is primarily based on your online listings and reviews.

What is My Reputation Score?

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What are Some Ways I Can Improve My Reputation Score?

Improved ROI for Marketing

Be Aware

Along with organizing your listings, you also need to be aware of all reviews online to know what people are saying about your business so you can increase your reputation score.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Be Polite

If your business has a negative review, you should respond politely publicly to show that your business values customer satisfaction.

Bidirectional communication with customers

Private Feedback

Alternatively, you can also respond to negative reviews privately to resolve the issue and ask to review your business again once they are satisfied.

Encourage Reviews

Encourage Reviews

You will proactively encourage happy customers to write positive reviews and then share them on your business’s social media and website, which increases your reputation score, especially on Google.

Admin Portal

Review Management

Review management software makes all of the above easy.

Need Help With Your Reputation Score?

User Roles

Business Insights and Listing Alerts

ReviewInc lists all your business listings together so that you can view and update them all easily and quickly.

Negative Feedback Management

Review Tracking

The software features tons of data on your business reviews–how many reviews you’ve received each month, star average, review count, and your reputation score.

Single Sign On

Multiple Response Pages

The software is integrated with Facebook and Google so you can reply to reviews directly from your dashboard with easy to use click through links. This eliminates the need to memorize multiple logins and passwords.

Negative Feedback Management

Private Feedback Response Management

Customers are directed to provide private feedback so that you can address their concerns directly. When they leave positive feedback, you can easily display it on your business’s website as a testimonial.

Automated Notifications

Collecting New Reviews and Automated Review Requests

Businesses can create customizable email or text campaigns to send to contacts that ask how their experience was and provide a link to leave a review.


Sentiment Analysis

Identifies words that customers are using the most in reviews which can provide ideas for new marketing campaigns or areas of improvement.

3 Things Holding You Back

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Why do reviews matter? What makes them important? 90% of customers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews and 80% of customers say they will try a business that has 4 stars or more.

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Is it difficult to manage or time-consuming to set up? We offer a simple, straightforward, setup process. With our user-friendly platform and support team, you can easily manage your reviews with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort in the long run.

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What’s the ROI? When you work with us, the results speak for themselves. That’s why we won’t lock you into an annual contract when you try out our services. As the industry’s price performance leader, we provide the best features, customizability, and results for the price. Find the plan that best fits you and get started today.

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With everything, you can see areas within your business that need improvement and take action immediately.

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