Reviewers Alternate Logins

Many review sites offer certain features to business owners and reviewers alike. At ReviewInc, one of our favorites is alternate logins. Alternate logins allow reviewers and business owners to log in to the review site using credentials from a different website such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Yahoo!. Since many people already have accounts with […]

Review Site Series: Business Owner Responding to a Review

Welcome to our second blog post in our Review Site Series! For this post, we wanted to focus on the ability of a business owner to respond to a review. Many review sites allow business owners to respond to an online review, but many do not. What do you think about this? Do you think […]

Review Site Series: Anonymous Posting

Welcome to our Review Site Series! Each week, we will be highlighting a feature on a review site and our take on it. Is it beneficial? Does it help or hurt a business or a reviewer’s capability of leaving a review? This week, we’ve decided to focus on anonymous posting. When reviewers leave a review, […]

Yelp Now Allows Users to Leave a Review on Mobile App

Yelp has now added the capability for users to leave reviews for their favorite local businesses on the mobile app. (Available now for Apple iOS and coming soon to Android). Before, users were able to create reviews on their mobile device, but had to log in to Yelp on a computer in order to post […]

Reviews and Home Remodeling and Furnishing Decisions

ReviewInc recently surveyed 1,500 consumers on how they would make a selection when choosing to remodel or furnish their home. The results were staggering as demonstrated in the charts below: Reviews on review sites were the most influential (35.4 %) in deciding on a company to remodel or furnish a home. It was surprising to […]

Zagat Releases New Website and Android/iPhone Apps

Zagat has now officially released an all-new website as well as new Android and iPhone apps. All of these will now allow you to browse the latest content from some of your favorite local spots. Also, you may now browse the ratings without having to log in. According to Zagat, “Our new website and mobile […]

Do RM Companies Write Fake Negative Reviews?

It has recently come to our attention here at ReviewInc that there may be some reputation management companies reaching out to businesses after they have written a fake negative review about them, offering a solution to remove these fake reviews. While we do not want to get into the specifics of who may be involved […]

How to Prevent Your Yelp Review From Getting Filtered

Ah, the ever-frustrating Yelp filter. You write a glowing review for a business and find that it doesn’t show up on the business page, but in a sea of other “filtered reviews” accessed only by entering a CAPTCHA. How do you get past this? While getting past Yelp’s review filter is not an exact science, here are some […]

New Video: Why You Need Reviews

Check out our new video posted to our YouTube channel! This video focuses on why you need reviews and how we at ReviewInc can help you!

New Video: Four Key Factors for Business Reviews

Check out our new video posted on our YouTube channel! This video focuses on the best practices of reviews that we refer to as the Four Key Factors for Business Reviews: Quantity, Breadth, Balance and Recency.