Guide to Spotting Fake SMS Messages


The Ultimate Guide to Spotting Fake SMS Messages and Protecting Yourself What is an SMS Message?    An SMS message is sent from one mobile phone to another.    SMS messages are a form of communication between two mobile phone users. They are sent and received through a text messaging service or other messaging applications, […]

Most Trusted Star Rating for your Business

star rating

YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION AND STAR RATING According to one of our prior studies, 88% of US consumers will read reviews and look at a business’s star rating before making a purchase decision–which is why your online business reputation is so important to monitor and maintain. Here are some more stats from Customers are looking […]

Net Promoter Score vs Star Rating vs. Happy/OK/Sad

Net Promoter Score

What is the Net Promoter Score? Aside from the popular Five Star rating system found on most review sites, a popular alternative is the Net Promoter Score (NPS).  The rating system chosen by a business can provide very different levels of insight. But what exactly is the Net Promoter Score, and what makes it a […]