Business Data

Business Insights

Gives an overview of your business online reputation which includes listings, ratings, reviews, and rankings with your competitors.

Business Evaluation

The ability to see real-time reviews from Google & Facebook within seconds and other review sites within hours so you can focus on resolutions quickly.

Competitive Data

Detailed reports on the competition and how they are ranking.

Fully Customizable Data

Place the data that is most important to you in custom detailed reports.

Review Tracking

See what your customers are saying on the most important review sites.


Email Reports

Comprehensive and customized reporting optimized for mobile viewing and delivered via email provides preferred analytics at your finger-tips.

User Specific Reports

Custom access levels and individualized reports allow everyone to see the exact information they need.

PDF Reporting

Get your reports in PDF format for easy access.

Track Ratings Over Time

Track reviews and ratings over time to see the positive progress with your company reputation.

Listing Consistency

This feature will keep your business information consistent across the board. Ensures all your preferred business contact information is consistent across all review sites so all prospects can find you.

Custom Reports

Create your own reports based on custom fields and meta data.

Competitive Reports

Detailed reports on your business competitors and how they are ranking on a Local, Regional and National scale against your company.

Competitor Ranking

See how your company compares in rank to your competitors, a big advantage in planning marketing strategies.

Customizable Report Colors

The Dashboard can be customized with your logo and exact colors in mind, giving the look and feel to maintain your brand identity.

Regional Based Reports

For Businesses that have more than one location – you can group reports by regions, locations, and a combination of user-defined specifications so that you can easily access your online business reputation.


Location Based Reports

See where negative reviews are coming from so you can quickly identify and fix any areas where the company is falling short.

Most Active Review Sites

ReviewInc monitors the MOST review sites of any service (over 600), ensuring you have the widest coverage.

Employee Insights

See how each employee is performing in the eyes of the customer.

Identify Shifts in Sentiment

Sudden shifts detected in negative feedback sentiment may uncover emerging trends in customer experience that can threaten a brand. ReviewInc finds the root cause of the problem to address it quickly.

Measure ROI

Track how your business is progressing across time periods, locations and products.

Competitor Analysis

Helps analyze relative performance against competitors based on customized success metrics.

Word Cloud

Illustrates sentiment analysis by seeing which words customers are using most often in reviews. Track key words over time with filters to metric improvements.

Track trends

Helps identify if your reputation is improving and why. Identify problems sooner than later, and reinforce what you are doing correctly.

Multi-Variant Analysis

You have the ability to generate custom business analytic reports that is specific to your business by utilizing multiple variable filters that can include or exclude data, giving you exactly what you or any team member wants to see.


Customer Onboarding

ReviewInc runs an online visibility assessment on your business that auto populates your account and configures your platform for campaign success.

Role-Based Dashboards

The industry’s most customizable role-based dashboard, providing robust filtering by rating, time period, source, site, campaign type and more, with the ability to re-arrange the layout to give you exactly what your team wants.

Email Dashboard

Match your dashboard to your company colors and incorporate your logo into the reports for seamless integration and brand identity.


Identify Listing Errors

Identify where your business and product information is inconsistent so you can ensure uniformity on all listings.

Credential Manager

Saves login and passwords for each review site for easy access to each platform so you can quickly and easily update your listings.

Listing Alerts

Get daily, weekly or monthly email reports of your listings so you can easily monitor and  ensure all of your listings are consistent.


Collecting New Reviews

ReviewInc is the fastest, mobile friendly way to obtain customer feedback in real time. Initiate via email or SMS text for easy review management.

Generate Demographic Reviews

Target and compile your customers’ opinions with local, regional, national, and industry filters.

Business Drivers

Identifies your most valuable business drivers (business location, best pricing, product color, best promotions, prompt support, speed of service, etc.) to focus your message and efforts on what will build your brand preference quicker.

26 Different Languages

ReviewInc is the ONLY Reputation Management system that offers 26 different languages providing you unlimited global access for worldwide business reputation management. Following are the languages supported by ReviewInc: English, Français (French), 日本語 (Japanese), Ελληνικά (Greek), Deutsch (German), Español (Spanish), Pусский (Russian), 中文 (Chinese Mandarin Simplified), Italiano (Italian), Svenska (Swedish), עברית (Hebrew), العربية (Arabic), Suomi (Finnish), Nederlands (Dutch), Dansk (Danish), 廣東話 (Cantonese), 繁體中文 (Chinese Mandarin Traditional), ภาษาไทย (Thai), Português (Portuguese), हिंदी (Hindi), Việt (Vietnamese), Român (Romanian), Tagalog (Filipino), ພາສາລາວ (Lao).

QR Codes

The system creates Quick Response (QR) codes, a two-dimensional barcode for your business URL, so you can easily link customers from printed materials to write reviews.

Sentiment Based Survey

In addition to the 5 star rating system, ReviewInc also supports the happy/OK/sad faces and thumbs up/thumbs down, so it is quicker to respond to surveys on mobile phones and kiosks.

Customizable Review Site Rules

Precisely configure the desired review sites for each campaign, including the automated rules of Random, Specific Order, and Most Needed.

Visual Preview of Review Flow

A panoramic view with different smart phones, tables or desktops showing your entire business review management flow and settings, all on one screen.

Automated Review Requests

Put your review generation on autopilot by automating email and text requests for reviews.

Assigned Toll-Free 800 SMS Number

Assigned Toll-Free 800 SMS Number SMS texts originate from toll-free 800 numbers, ensuring your message will reach your customer and not get caught in a spam filter designed by the cell phone provider.

Waking Hours SMS Delivery

SMS requests will only be automatically delivered during waking hours for each location.

Review Marketing

Asking customers to share their reviews online results in potential customers seeing those awesome reviews and choosing you.

Drip Campaign

Queue up and throttle your review requests to the pace that is most appropriate for your business.

Anti-Spam Resistant

ReviewInc’s email system is optimized to deliver through spam filters, resulting in high open rates and conversions.

Faulty Email Address Correction

ReviewInc’s Patent Pending Automatic Email Domain Correction fixes faulty email addresses, whenever possible, to ensure customers are reached without error.

Customer-Driven Marketing

With custom fields, discover customer preferences to upsell products and add-ons, to increase your close ratios.

Review Campaigns

Learn about your customer’s desires based on customized campaigns. Tailor an entire campaign based on prospects’ questionnaire responses.

Custom Email Timing

Automatically schedule your marketing campaigns via email to arrive on the day when you want your customers to receive them.

Custom SMS/Text Timing

Customize and automate your marketing campaigns so that your customers can receive them at the exact time – (great for promotional marketing like 12% off at 12 o’clock, 4pm Flash Sale for 4th of July, etc).

Bulk Uploads

In addition to the automatic integrations, you may also upload campaign recipients in bulk via CSV or Excel file formats, saving time.

Variable Workflows

The review management campaign responds optimally to a customer’s sentiment, including immediate problem resolution to maximize customer experience.

Customer Surveys

Design customizable surveys, including hidden fields, sent via email or text. Gather customer feedback without having to use a dedicated survey application.

Survey Distribution

Distribute your surveys via Email and Social Media.

SMS/Text Survey Distribution

Design and distribute your surveys to your customers via SMS/Text Message and stay connected to your brand and your business.

Coupons & Offers

Insert offers (discounts or points) into your survey’s or review requests so you can reward customers for their feedback.

Location Specific Surveys

Ability to override defaults surveys, logos, language, etc. for specific locations to fully customize your review management.

Customizable Form Colors

The customer survey forms can be personalized with your logo and exact colors, look, and feel to maintain your existing brand identity.

Campaign Effectiveness Reports

Refine your efforts over time with reports that show the ROI for specific campaigns.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that measures the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others. It can help you gauge your customer’s overall satisfaction and loyalty to your brand.

Multiple Campaign Messages

Create and maintain multiple email and SMS marketing campaigns – great for running campaigns designed for specific products or services.

Multiple Review Forms

Create and maintain multiple review collection forms and easily customize their rating method and content.

Custom Form Fields

Fully customize your review collection forms so that you collect more details from your customer.

Multiple Response Pages

Respond to customer feedback via a variety of web and email based messages.

Multiple Follow Up Templates

Fully customize your follow-up responses to your customers and utilize the templates to easily personalize the customer experience.

Multiple Review Flows

Mix and match different campaign messages, review forms, response pages and follow up messages to create different review collection experiences for your customers.

Geolocation Auto-Sensing Forms

Respond to customer feedback via a variety of web and email based messages.

Sentiment Based Email Campaigns

You have the ability to optionally use email campaigns to generate an initial rating of your business.

Sentiment Based SMS Campaigns

You have the ability to optionally use sms campaigns to generate an initial rating of your business.


Review Microsite on your Website

Unlike others that require you to send your customers to their website, ReviewInc includes an app/widget that allows you to run on your own website, optimizing YOUR traffic, including HTTPS secure versions.

Review Collection Widgets

Embed review collection widgets on your business websites, social pages, etc. to reach your customers easily.

Auto-Filter Spammy Reviews

Only real reviews that come from a legitimate source will be posted.

Auto-Share Reviews to Microsite

Populate your microsite automatically with your best testimonials, ensuring you always have fresh content.

Powerful Rules Management

Advanced testimonial settings and filters pull your best reviews together with the exact selected criteria ensuring your review management is optimal.

Testimonial Widgets

Embed testimonial widgets on your business websites, social pages, etc. to easily display how your customers feel.


Highly Optimized for Mobile

Unlike others that provide a light app with scaled down features, ReviewInc has full feature web access optimized for mobile devices.

Mobile App

View your dashboard on your mobile phone for on the go access. You get the same powerful mobile capabilities as your desktop at ultra-fast speeds.

Mobile Kiosks

Receive feedback from your customers instantly with mobile kiosks and set your review management on auto-pilot.

Contactless Check In

Manage your incoming visitors with electronic Check In from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Supports Media Files

Customers can use Check In forms to upload media such as pictures, videos, insurance forms, and more securely.

Custom Welcome Pages

Use tools such as QR Codes, forms, social media links, and more to create a customizable page to welcome new customers.

Kiosk Mode

Can be set up on a tablet or kiosk on location to easily collect information from a customer.


Restrict information to a chosen business location proximity to eliminate false Check Ins

HIPPA Compliant and 3rd Party Certified

All data collected, including photos and videos, remains private and secure.

Required Custom Fields Available

Can select the fields that are most important as required, such as name, email, phone number, other custom data fields and store for future use.

Automate Review Requests

With an additional fee, link to ReviewInc reputation management software to request feedback with a timed delay.

Collect User Data for Marketing

Collect information from customers and optionally store it in your business CRM or database for future marketing efforts all in one place.


Review Alerts

Get notified every time someone posts a review about your product or service. Filter alert notifications by source and star rating, and immediately respond to negative reviews to curtail any repercussions.

Single Response Panel

Respond directly to your customers’ public reviews from a single control panel, without having to log into multiple review sites to streamline your review management (subject to API availability).

Issue Resolution Tracking

Tracks outstanding issues to ensure they are reviewed and resolved as soon as possible guaranteeing your review management is airtight.

Manage Negative Review Resolution

Handle each negative review from beginning to end resolution and fully optimize your review management.

Issue Resolution Reports

Analytic reports show workflow states over time to monitor the progress of addressing negative reviews so your review management is optimized.

Ticket System Integration

ReviewInc integrates with existing support ticket systems and popular CRM platforms to reduce double entry and ensure thorough follow up.

Review Site Link Management

Reviews and monitors review site links to ensure they remain active.

Automatically Find Review Sites

The platform searches over 600 sites automatically to find review site links that pertain to your business.

Fix Broken Links to Review Sites

Sometimes review sites go through updates, changing information and links imperative to your business. Unlike competitors who require you to find those links yourself, ReviewInc finds and fixes it for you.

Auto Response Creator

Helps you to effortlessly write your unique responses to each customer using intelligent linguistic automation (it literally writes it for you!)–perfect when you have writers block, or need to respond to dozens of reviews quickly.


The Private Feedback Response Management allows you to see a customer’s review that might require a response, including whether or not there has been a response, and allows you and others (support, customer service, etc.) to send an email reply from a central address within the ReviewInc system. You can then view a “thread” of everyone’s reply (including the customers) in one location—ensuring timely and thorough resolution and that nothing slips through the cracks.

One Thread Email Replies/Exchanges

See all email replies/exchanges under one thread.

Centralize Responses

Centralize all customer responses.

Identify Customer Receipt

Identify customer receipt and open of reply.

Employee to Customer Reply Tracking

See which employee replied to customer.

Reply Directly Via Email

Reply directly via email (without portal access) but still have the ability to see the responses.

Access Employee Emails

Access employee emails to customer (even after employee leaves company).

View Customer Replies

Shows which customers were replied to.


SEO Impact Analysis

The customizable Search Engine Optimization Impact Analysis allows you to see exactly how to boost your rankings by measuring consistent listings, velocity, quantity, sentiment, keyword mentions, and breadth of reviews.

Display Stars in Serach Engine* Listing

ReviewInc is one of the few systems that associates your testimonial review stars to your search engine listings. With rich snippets, testimonial review stars provide a distinct attention-getter advantage.

*Not all search engines report rich snippets or may change their policy

Review Boost

Recent positive reviews with content that talks about your product or service can help your Google search rankings.

Ethical Ranking & SEO

The review management system helps you maintain professional ethics and comply with policies from popular ranking sites.


Auto-Promo Reviews

Add fresh content to your social media by automatically thanking your customers for positive reviews.

One-Click Social Sharing

Share your reviews on Google Maps, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Hootsuite with a single click.

Business Cards

With Vista Print ready business cards, you have a one-stop-shop for your business card needs.

Easy Google Maps Response

Share your “From the owner” posts on Google Maps to display your best testimonials.


Compliant with Spam Filters

Get past spam filters with ReviewInc’s optimized email system, which is critical when sending thousands of survey requests to review your product or service.

Unlimited Number of Users

Custom dashboards and reports for unlimited users allow everyone on your team to access the system their way.

Individual User Access Levels

In addition to Administrator, limited access levels include Location Based, Location Groups Based, Fixed Dashboard, Review Response, Hidden Reviewer Identity, and Read Only.

Local Time Zones

See reports in your local country time zone and preferred date/time format.

Integrate with your Email System

If desired, send emails to your customers from your own domain for consistent branding.

Dedicated Email Server

Subscribe to an optional dedicated email server with a dedicated domain name. Extra fees will apply.

Remove ‘Powered by ReviewInc’

Ability to control visibility of platform branding.

Custom Color Themes

Match colors of the platform to your company’s logo and brand theme to maintain your existing brand identity.


Hootsuite Integration

Use ReviewInc’s free Hootsuite app to see multiple streams of reviews side by side with advanced filters and social media scheduling options.

Zapier Integration

ReviewInc is fully integrated with Zapier so your reviews can get plugged into many other systems dynamically.

Auto-promote Survey Feedback

Automatically promote your reviews to your social media sites by using secure APIs built into the platform.

Direct Integration

With ReviewInc’s highly secured direct API, your business and its related custom applications can be directly integrated with the platform so that you can link your data and trigger events for review requests, surveys, marketing campaigns, and more.

Salesforce Integration

Integrate directly to Salesforce using ReviewInc’s direct and secure API to enhance customer loyalty and grow marketing capabilities.


HIPAA Compliant

ReviewInc’s special ability to hide clients’ names and emails in all dashboards and reports makes it one of the industry’s most secure platforms with full HIPAA Compliance.

HIPAA Certified

We hired a 3rd party to audit our HIPAA compliance. Using HIPAAMart’s tools and expert review, ReviewInc passed 100% of the required compliance tests. To learn more read our HIPAA Compliance agreement.

Data Encrypted

Your client list and reviewer’s information are HTTPS encrypted to ensure their comments and reviews are only accessible to you to help maintain compliance requirements.

Double Encrypted Passwords

An extra level of session specific encryption on the passwords ensures your access to the data is secure.


Monitored 24/7, with a minimal 99.9% verified uptime, ReviewInc is renowned for speed and reliability.


Live Chat

A live sales & support agent is available during regular business hours for any questions or issues.

Webinars & Videos

Continuing education webinars are conducted regularly to help you learn the system and better understand your reputation and review management.