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ReviewInc’s leading-edge car dealership review management software can help you improve your online reviews, boost your search rankings, and manage customer communications—all in one place.

Get your free online business reputation score and report card now.

What is My Reputation Score?

ReviewInc’s leading-edge car dealership review management software can help you improve your online reviews, boost your search rankings, and manage customer communications—all in one place.

Get your free online business reputation score and report card now.

Why You Need Review Management Software

Negative Feedback Management

Negative reviews hurt your business.

Car dealership ratings and reviews matter—a lot. More than 95% of car buyers consult digital resources such as online reviews before purchasing a vehicle. Buying a car can be stressful, and consumers want to know they’re in good hands.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Not enough happy customers leave reviews.

People are much more likely to post a negative review than a positive one. This is bad news for your business since a steady stream of positive reviews drowns out negative ones. Don’t let happy customers slip away—encourage and incentivize them to post positive reviews.

Online Visibility

Good reviews help build your reputation.

Car sales is an extremely competitive industry. Odds are there’s a dealership around the corner from yours—or maybe even next door. So how do you stand out? It’s all about reputation. According to a study from SalesFuel, 57% of people say that reputation was the most important factor when choosing which dealership to visit.

Reports and Analytics

Managing reviews is time-consuming.

Car shoppers are 90% more likely to visit a dealer website and 5.3 times more likely to visit a dealership that has positive reviews online, according to V12Data. Unfortunately, many businesses simply don’t have the time or staff to manage reviews manually and keep ahead of the competition.

How ReviewInc Can Help with Car Dealership Reputation Management

Automated Notifications

Automatic Review Alerts

ReviewInc sends alerts when a review comes in so that you can address it quickly if needed. If the review is on Facebook or Google, you can respond directly within our car dealership management software.

Higher Revenue

Competitive Reports

ReviewInc’s automotive marketing software includes reports on your competition and how they’re ranking so your business can stay ahead.

One Portal Communication

Data and Insights

ReviewInc displays business reviews in one place, making it easy to keep track of insights. Our software also automatically generates data so you can spend less time managing reviews and more time selling cars!

Negative Feedback Management

Faster Review Collection

ReviewInc’s platform is a fast, mobile-friendly way to get customer feedback via email or SMS to encourage more reviews!

How to Effectively Manage Your
Online Reputation

You know you should be managing your online reviews, but you need an effective strategy. Here are some tips:


Monitor your listings.

Claim your business listings and make sure they are accurate and updated on all auto dealership review sites. With ReviewInc, you can see all listings in one place and our software highlights those that are inaccurate so that you can easily address them.


Respond to Reviews

ReviewInc makes it easy to respond to reviews right away. We’ll send an alert as soon as your business receives a review—good or bad. That way you can respond immediately and turn a potentially bad experience into a good one.


Turn reviews into testimonials.

Positive reviews of your dealership are free advertising you can use to attract new customers. ReviewInc can turn reviews into testimonials with ease on your website. You can also use one-click sharing to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google Maps.


Ask for Feedback

Always ask for public reviews or even just private feedback to improve customer experience. ReviewInc’s email and text campaigns make this simple and easy. Ask customers, your service department, or your sales department for feedback and customize campaigns as needed.

Why You Need Car Reputation Management Software

Managing online reviews is essential in the digital age. Here’s how reputation management software can help your dealership:

Keep tabs on what people are saying. Car dealership management software lets you easily track what people are saying about your dealership across different review sites, such as Google, DealerRater, and more. By centralizing this information, you can more easily monitor feedback and spot trends.

Respond promptly. Quickly responding to reviews—whether they’re positive or negative—shows you value customer feedback. With automotive marketing software, you can quickly address any concerns, turn a negative experience into a positive one, and demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

Build trust. Customers overwhelmingly refer to reviews before making a purchase decision. A collection of genuine, positive reviews can boost trust and make your business seem more credible to prospective buyers.

Boost SEO and online visibility. Positive reviews and active engagement can improve your dealership’s online visibility. Search engines see reviews as user-generated content, which can boost your SEO rankings.

Improve your operations. By regularly monitoring and analyzing reviews, you can identify areas where your dealership excels and where it might need improvement. This ongoing feedback loop can drive operational changes that enhance the customer experience.

Gain competitive insights. By monitoring your reviews and those of your competitors, you can gain valuable insights into the market, learn what customers value most, and capitalize on where competitors are falling short.

Influence purchasing decisions. Positive reviews can serve as powerful testimonials, influencing others to choose your dealership over competitors. They provide social proof that others have had good experiences buying or servicing their cars at your dealership.

Get key metrics and reporting. Many review management platforms offer analytics that can help you measure your online reputation over time, track responses, and more.

Encourage employee accountability. By sharing reviews with your staff, especially those that name specific employees for praise or criticism, you can incentivize high standards of customer service.

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