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How is Your Reputation?

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Why is Reputation Management Hard for Plastic Surgeons?

  • Today, over 90% of people read online plastic surgery reviews before making decisions on which practice to visit. So, it’s vital that you are up to date on what is being said about your practice.
  • Unsatisfied patients are more likely to leave reviews to vent out their frustration. A study from Plastic found that close to 40% of people that left a negative review about breast augmentations never even underwent surgery, but were offended during the consultation.
  • There are many review sites that patients use, including Google, Facebook,, and
  • It takes lots of time and money to manage all these review sites without help.
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So how do you manage the reputation of your practice easily?

Perhaps you should consider ReviewInc…

Here’s How ReviewInc Can Help with Your Reputation

Business Evaluation

ReviewInc’s software allows you to see and respond to real-time reviews from Google & Facebook within seconds and other review sites within hours so you can focus on resolving problems, if needed.

Multiple Campaign Messages

ReviewInc creates and maintains multiple email and SMS marketing campaigns to tackle getting more positive reviews or private feedback from happy patients.

Most Active Review Sites

ReviewInc monitors the MOST review sites of any service (over 600), ensuring you have the widest coverage.

Track Trends

ReviewInc helps identify if your reputation is improving and why. Identify problems sooner than later and reinforce what you are doing correctly.

New! Check In

Now, you can Check In patients using a kiosk, computer, or smartphone. Photos and videos can be sent securely to share important documents or conditions. Create a custom Welcome Page with required fields, and automate requesting a review with an additional fee.
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Picture this…

With ReviewInc software, you can respond easily to all reviews for your plastic surgery practice, especially positive ones so your practice appears considerate and grateful. The more of these available, the negative ones will be buried.

Since there are so many positive reviews coming in, you can use them as advertising on your practice’s website and social media. More patients are coming in because they found your plastic surgery practice on Google and social media due to all the positive reviews posted.  Life is good!

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