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Why is it tough to manage dentist reviews?

One Portal Communication

Reviews Count

According to the Dentist Money Digest, 63% of consumers find that online dentist reviews are important to their decision-making process regarding cosmetic dentist procedures. So, it’s vital that you know what patients are saying about your practice.

Negative Feedback Management

Upset Patients are More Likely to Review You

Angry patients are more likely to write reviews than satisfied ones, so your practice may have more negative reviews than positive ones.

Online Visibility

You May Not be Aware of Negative Reviews

Partnering with a review management company can help you identify negative feedback that may have gone unnoticed and address it promptly and professionally.
time consuming

Time Consuming

It takes time to manage all these review sites and reviews without help.

Here’s How ReviewInc Can Help With Your Dentist Reviews

Automated Notifications

Automatic Review Alerts

ReviewInc sends alerts when a patient leaves feedback that affects your dentist reputation.

Encourage Reviews

Collecting New Reviews

ReviewInc has a flexible, mobile-friendly review campaign flow that has been shown to get more reviews on sites that matter most to patients.

Negative Feedback Management

Review Tracking

All reviews for your dental practice are displayed in one place so you are aware of patient opinion.

Higher Revenue

Flexible Reporting

ReviewInc has multiple charts on competitors, your dental practice reviews, SEO and more to serve your practice’s needs.

Check In

Contactless Check In

Contactless Check In

Welcome your patients with contactless Check In to your dental office.

Updates when customers need it

Collect Data

Collect data such as photos and videos securely as patients Check In to mitigate new customer orientation.

Custom Welcome Page

Create a custom welcome page with QR codes, social media links, custom fields and more.

Automated Review Requests

Automatic Review Requests

Automate asking for reviews and ratings with ReviewInc reputation management software for an additional fee.

Imagine that…

With ReviewInc, you can respond to all reviews for your dental practice, especially negative ones so that both sides of the story are addressed. You thank happy patients that leave positive reviews. 

The more of these you have, the more the negative ones will be drowned out. ReviewInc also allows dentists to ask patients for private feedback, which is often a more accurate representation of dentist reputation. 

Dentist Reviews Imagine that…
Dentist Reviews more patients more business

More Patients, More Business

With so much information, you can easily manage dental reputation, review sentiment, review listings and more. 

More patients are coming in because they found your dental practice on Google due to all of the positive reviews and business is going well.

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