Online Reputation Management Software

Build trust, increase visibility, and manage how customers see your brand. ReviewInc’s reputation management software puts you in the driver’s seat.

What Is Reputation Management Software (RMS)

It’s nearly impossible to keep track of every comment or review people post about your business online. ReviewInc’s software makes the impossible possible.

Our robust, interactive platform makes it easy for you to track, manage, and respond to reviews in one convenient location. And our metrics give you the insights you need to analyze customer sentiment and build your brand.

Why Review Management Matters
Review Monitoring for Company Reputation

Step 1: Review Monitoring for Company Reputation

ReviewInc identifies the review sites and business listings and all its locations.

Including the best online reputation management tools, the software provides an aerial view of your online company reputation. With the ability to change settings anytime, ReviewInc ensures you know where your online company reputation stands.

Step 2: Collect More Reviews

Generate reviews for your business. A customized review marketing campaign engages customers to give feedback about your business on the review sites like Google Maps, Facebook Reviews, and other review sites.


Collect More Reviews

Step 3: Amplify Customer Feedback

This online reputation management system takes your great reviews and broadcasts them to the world, amplifying positive reviews with testimonials on your website.

Share them on social media with a single click or automate it entirely with the free Zapier and Hootsuite apps.

Why You Need Online Reputation Management Services 

Reputation management isn’t as easy as monitoring your social media pages. You need to actively influence how customers see your brand and fact check what people say about your company. Here’s why every business—large or small—needs an online reputation management solution.

It helps you manage negative reviews.

The internet is a boon to businesses and consumers. But it also makes it possible for anyone to provide an opinion on just about anything—including your brand. That’s why you need to manage negative reviews.

Responding to unhappy customers shows you’re willing to hear feedback and make things right. This can help you earn back their business. And it leaves a good impression on prospects.

Consumers want to work with brands that are responsive and accountable—not necessarily perfect.

It improves visibility.

Search engines look at the number of reviews you have plus your overall rating. They give preference to companies with good reviews and a solid reputation.

Online review management software can help you get more positive reviews, which in turn can help boost your rankings on search engines.

It boosts sales.

Social proof drives purchases, and good reviews can lead to more sales. Data backs this up.

An increase of just one star on a site like Yelp or Trustpilot can lead to a 5-9% increase in sales, according to Harvard. And a study by Northwestern University found that having at least five good product reviews can increase the likelihood of a purchase by 270%.

It helps build brand image.

Misleading or negative information can quickly damage the image you’ve worked so hard to build. By monitoring what customers are saying about you online, you can help shape your company’s image.

Online reputation management software gives you the tools and insights you need to quickly respond to negative feedback, so you can preserve your hard-earned reputation.

It gives you business insights.

Reviews provide critical feedback. By monitoring conversations online, you can gain important insights into what customers need and expect and use this information to introduce innovative new products and services into the marketplace.

It builds trust and credibility.

Online reputation management software puts you in the driver’s seat. You get to decide what your audience sees.

Reputation management tools can help you ensure that social media and search engines display brand-empowering content that builds trust and credibility with consumers.

It saves time.

Scouring the internet for reviews and comments about your business is a huge job. Don’t waste your team’s precious time. A good online reputation management tool does the work for you.

Whether you run a small boutique shop or a large corporation with multiple locations, time is money. Reputation management tools automate key processes and display results in one centralized location.

The Tools and Support You Need

ReviewInc’s affordable online reputation monitoring software gives you more control over how prospects and customers see your brand. We can help you boost customer trust, build industry authority, and even generate more sales. Here’s what sets us apart:

Seamless integration – ReviewInc’s platform offers seamless integration with multiple vendor platforms, from Google to Facebook to Salesforce.

User-focused design – Work faster with our streamlined platform design. Tackle common tasks with ease and customize your dashboard to see your stats in a flash.

Real-time data access – Access all your listings in one place and get real-time updates on your most important metrics, wherever you are, day or night.

Easy review tracking – Tag, track, and reply to reviews from one convenient dashboard.  

Exceptional support – From one-on-one onboarding to webinars and training videos, ReviewInc partners with you from the moment you first call us (additional fees may apply).

Generating Business with Reviews
Person rating his experience with stars on smartphone app screen

How ReviewInc’s Platform Works

We start by comprehensively reviewing your sites and business listings. Our software provides an aerial view of your online company reputation.

Next, we develop a customized review marketing campaign for your business. The goal is to engage customers and compel them to give feedback about your business on review sites like Google Maps and Facebook Reviews.

Finally, our software helps you amplify positive feedback about your business. Easily share positive reviews on social media with a single click or automate the entire process with the free Zapier and Hootsuite apps.

Why ReviewInc?

ReviewInc makes it easy to manage your brand’s reputation in a single place. We’ll help you grow your business with a powerful platform that puts you in command.

Set up campaigns, manage reviews, communicate with customers and prospects, and analyze consumer sentiment—all in one place. Our software makes it easy.

Get in touch to learn more about our customizable online reputation management tools and for a comprehensive review of your brand’s online reputation.

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Ready to Go?

Get set up with a customized system built for your business.


Why does online reputation management matter?

The online world is dynamic and ever-changing. Consumers expect companies to engage with them online, and they wield more power over businesses than ever. It’s why brand reputation management is so important.

You need to know what customers are saying about your business online so you can protect the image you’ve worked so hard to build. Reputation management tools help you take control of your online presence and actively manage how people see your brand.

How does online reputation management work?

A solid reputation management strategy starts with a thorough audit of your company’s online presence to evaluate how your brand is perceived and what people are saying. Once that’s complete, the team at ReviewInc will make recommendations for how to move forward. Your next steps will depend on what the audit uncovers.

How long will it take to improve my online reputation?

There’s no single answer, but it doesn’t happen overnight. The amount of time it takes to improve your online reputation depends on several factors, including how much negative content exists, how difficult it is to shift review star ratings, and how long it takes to get your content to rank better on Google.

Can’t I just delete bad reviews about my business?

Seeing negative reviews hurts, but it’s important to know that negative reviews about your business can be outweighed by positive ones. And having a few negative reviews isn’t actually a bad thing. Having nothing but 5-star reviews looks suspicious to customers, so having a few negative or neutral reviews provides a counterbalance.

If, however, you suspect a review is fake or defamatory, you can generally flag it for removal. You can also flag negative reviews that contain hateful, violent, or inappropriate content; contain a conflict of interest; contain advertising or spam; or are off topic/irrelevant to your business.

Why do some brands struggle with their online reputation?

Some companies struggle with their online reputation, but it’s not always because of poor customer service or faulty products. Some businesses have limited resources and can’t devote the time needed to monitor and manage their online reputation. This can allow negative reviews and comments to go unchecked.

Others don’t understand how social media and other online platforms work. Still others aren’t up to date on ever-changing consumer preferences.

Reputation management tools can pick up the slack and help you deal with blind spots (which we all have).

What are some tips for improving my reputation online?

There are lots of ways to improve how prospects see your brand online. Here are some tips:

Monitor your online presence – You need to know what people are saying about your business so you can respond accordingly. It can be challenging, if not impossible, to monitor every review site. Get expert help if you need it, so nothing gets overlooked.

Address negative reviews – Bad reviews hurt, but it’s vital to respond to them. Avoid being defensive, and always sympathize with your customer. Try to find an effective solution to their problem.

Encourage positive reviews – Don’t be shy about asking for reviews. Customers often have lots of good things to say, but they may need a little nudge. Share positive reviews on social media, and showcase great feedback on your website.

Learn from bad reviews – If you’re consistently seeing the same complaints or concerns, use them as an opportunity for learning and improvement.

Invest in reputation management services – Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you need to call on experts for help. If your brand is struggling to maintain a healthy online reputation, ReviewInc will get to the bottom of why so you can right the ship.

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