Guide to Spotting Fake SMS Messages


The Ultimate Guide to Spotting Fake SMS Messages and Protecting Yourself What is an SMS Message?    An SMS message is sent from one mobile phone to another.    SMS messages are a form of communication between two mobile phone users. They are sent and received through a text messaging service or other messaging applications, […]

How to Track Down Fake Users Leaving Negative Feedback

negative feedback

Reviews give customers the ability to vocalize their opinion and experience about a company, however fake reviews and negative feedback can really hurt your business. However, negative feedback might not always be from who you think, and you might have reasons to believe your negative reviews rare from fake customers. How can you track them […]

How Companies Cheat Online Reputation

cheat online reputation

Many businesses care about their online reputation enough to be deceitful about it and cheat their online reputation. Some companies or business owners might think this falsifying  shortcut might help their business grow, but it could ultimately ruin your online reputation forever.  Most platforms work hard to catch people before it happens, but sometimes it […]

Should Employees Leave Fake Reviews?

fake reviews

Reviews are such an important component that many companies have taken to encouraging their current and former employees to leave fake reviews just to get their numbers up. This is because reviews have become a staple part of a business’s online reputation. Having enough positive reviews can translate into sales, as we’ve seen repeatedly, and […]

How to Handle Fake Business Reviews

fake reviews

Online reputation is a critical part of business practice. As the landscape of online reputation expands, businesses will inevitably experience fake reviews at some point. The issue is becoming so increasingly common that major online reputation players implement regulatory practices to allow oversight. Google recently took significant action by improving its flagging review procedures. People […]

The Great American Fake-Off in Reviews

fake reviews

Recently the FTC posted in their blog about two cases that could qualify for “The Great American Fake-Out.”  One was Sunday Riley Modern Skincare, which sells skin creams and treatments at Sephora, a global chain of personal care and beauty stores. On Sephora’s website, consumers can buy products and write reviews. For two years, managers […]

Fake Reviews – Latest News You Should Know

There is a built-in tendency to second guess what we see on the internet. With the skepticism that comes with information that can be placed online by anyone – no matter their expertise, we battle with the authenticity of what we see. Without sounding too much like Morpheus from the Matrix – What is real? […]

Knowing Facebook’s Rules Can Improve Your Business

These days, there are standards for everything. Facebook, for instance, has their own set of community standards and terms of use. These standards are there to protect the consumer and the business. In many ways, it’s intended to police the consumer, putting the kibosh on hate speech and trolling. Luckily, it is to the benefit […]

Senate Mulls Anti-Review-Gag Law

On Wednesday, November 4, the Senate Commerce Committee probed so-called gag clauses, which critics say can intimidate and prevent people from writing critical online reviews of products and services. The panel discussed legislation that would guard against online terms of service agreements that restrict customers from making critical reviews of the products or services they […]

Confessions of a Review Site Owner

How the review game has changed over the last 10 years It all started in early 2006.  While only 9.5 human years ago, it’s an eternity in internet years.  The iPhone hadn’t been invented.  Mobile web browsers were a joke.  Facebook was still only available to college campuses.  Online reviews weren’t widely found outside of […]