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ReviewInc is a review management service that covers over 600 review sites and the most secure medical practice reputation software with full 3rd party verified HIPAA Compliance.

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Why Does My Medical Practice Reputation Matter?

Patients rely on reviews. According to Software Advice, 82% of people check online review sites before visiting a doctor.

Here’s how ReviewInc can help take control of your medical practice reputation and increase your location’s Reputation Score.

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Identify review sites and business listings for your hospital in one place. The software provides an aerial view of your hospital reviews. Just as it is important to keep track of your patients, ReviewInc ensures that you know where your online reputation stands with the ability to improve your reputation score.

Generate reviews for your hospital. The software features a fully customizable review marketing campaign that automates inviting patients to give feedback about your hospital on review sites like RateMDs, HealthGrades, ZocDoc, and others after asking them to rate their experience. This process can generate more positive reviews, which elevates your medical practice reputation.

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This secure online review management system is designed to take your hospital’s positive reviews and broadcast them to the world as testimonials on your website. You can design a customized widget to display them on your website easily right from the software.

You can also share testimonials on social media with a single click or automate them entirely with FREE Zapier and Hootsuite apps in order to show off your hospital reputation

If a negative review comes in, ReviewInc will send an alert so you can quickly address the patient’s concerns and respond to win back their favor to increase your medical practice’s reputation.

ReviewInc provides accurate, colorful and comprehensive graphs and charts with data insights on your medical practice’s reputation that can be sent daily, weekly, and monthly.

Answer My Questions

  • Which sites are covered? The medical practice’s review management software covers over 600 review sites including Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, RateMDs, HealthGrades, ZocDoc….
  • Is it complicated to set up? No, ReviewInc’s reputation specialists will set it up for you!
  • Does it take a lot of time to manage? No, it takes less than 5 minutes to manage the system daily after it is set up.
  • Is it expensive? ReviewInc has the best price for the features it provides that assist with hospital reputation and more.
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Picture This…

After you sign up with ReviewInc, you’ll be able to see all your hospital’s reviews in one place. You can gather feedback from private reviews and generate insights from the charts and data available on the software. You are also able to send notices to patients automatically to invite them to write positive reviews. Hundreds of great reviews are flooding in, and your customer service department has freed up time to address more critical issues, which can only help your hospital reputation!

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