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ReviewInc’s medical practice review software uses leading-edge technology to help you boost your online presence, improve patient experience, and grow your practice.

Our review management service covers more than 600 review sites—it’s the most secure medical practice review management software available today, with full third-party-verified HIPAA compliance.

Why Does My Medical Reputation Matter?

Having positive medical practice reviews is vital for your business. Patients rely on reviews when deciding on a medical practice or provider. According to Software Advice, 82% of people check online review sites before visiting a doctor.

ReviewInc can help take control of your medical practice’s reputation and increase your location’s reputation score.

ReviewInc Makes Medical Online Reputation Management Easier

Know Your Online Reputation Medical Practice

Know what patients are saying about you.

Identify review sites and business listings for your medical practice or hospital in one place. ReviewInc’s software provides an aerial view of your hospital reviews. ReviewInc ensures you know where your online reputation stands, so you can take charge and improve your reputation score.

Generate reviews for your practice.

Our software features a fully customizable review marketing campaign. Automate the feedback request process and invite patients to review your practice or hospital on sites like RateMDs, Healthgrades, and Zocdoc. Automating the process can help you generate more positive reviews and boost your practice’s online reputation.

Broadcast Your Positive Reviews

Broadcast positive reviews.

ReviewInc’s secure online review management system takes your hospital’s positive reviews and broadcasts them to the world as testimonials on your website. Design a customized widget to display positive reviews on your website right from our platform.

Share your reviews on social media.

Share testimonials on social media with a single click—or automate them entirely with free Zapier and Hootsuite apps. Showing off your reviews on social media helps build trust. It demonstrates that you’re a respected provider worthy of patients’ business.

Share Your Reviews on Social Media
Generate Reports and Data Insights on Your Practice

Generate reports and data insights.

ReviewInc provides accurate, colorful, and comprehensive graphs and charts with data insights on your medical practice’s reputation. Get them daily, weekly, or monthly.

Create a better patient experience.

What Is Online Reputation Management for Medical Practices?

Medical online reputation management is not just about monitoring online reviews—although that’s a big part of it. Reputation management is about shaping how patients perceive your brand. Patients trust what their peers say about a doctor or healthcare practice. Negative reviews can hurt your image—and your bottom line.

Even if you’ve struggled with your brand’s image in the past, it’s possible to turn things around with the right strategy and the right tools. ReviewInc’s leading-edge medical practice software can help you manage reviews and better engage with your patients while complying with HIPAA requirements. We can help you improve your online reputation by:

By proactively managing how customers perceive your medical practice, you’ll attract more patients and grow your business.

Why Reviews Matter

Online reviews shape how patients see your practice or hospital. People trust the reviews of their peers. The more positive reviews you have—and the more detailed they are—the more likely patients are to come in for a visit. Here’s why online reviews matter for your medical practice:

Competitive Position

Trust and credibility

Healthcare is a deeply personal and sensitive area for many people. Patients want to know they’ll receive quality care. Positive online reviews can boost the perceived trustworthiness and credibility of your medical practice and take away uncertainty by letting prospective patients know what to expect.

Updates when customers need it

Visibility and SEO

Online reviews and ratings matter to search engines like Google. Having more positive reviews will help your business rank higher in search results, increasing your visibility online. This makes it easier for potential patients to find you, which translates to more business.

Negative Feedback Management

Feedback and improvement

Online reviews serve as a feedback mechanism, giving you insights into areas where your practice excels and areas where you may need improvement. By addressing concerns raised in reviews and continually improving patient care, you can enhance the patient experience.

White Label Reputation Management

Influence decision-making

The data is clear: Consumers read online reviews before deciding on a service provider, and healthcare is no exception. Positive reviews can serve as powerful testimonials, encouraging potential patients to choose your office over competitors.

Online Visibility

Digital word-of-mouth

Online reviews are the modern equivalent of word-of-mouth recommendations. An online recommendation from a satisfied patient can have a ripple effect, reaching a broader audience than traditional word-of-mouth.


Which review sites does ReviewInc cover?

ReviewInc’s medical practice review management software covers over 600 review sites, including Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, RateMDs, Healthgrades, and Zocdoc. Plus, we’re HIPAA-third-party verified.

Is ReviewInc’s software complicated to set up?

No, we offer a simple and straightforward setup process. With our user-friendly platform and support team, you can easily manage your reviews with just a few clicks, saving you time and effort.

Is ReviewInc’s medical practice review software expensive?

No, As the industry’s price performance leader, we provide the best features, customizability, and results for the price. We also won’t lock you into an annual contract. Find the plan that best fits you and get started today.

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Imagine it—hundreds of great reviews are flooding in, freeing up your customer service department to address more critical issues. Your employees will thank you, and so will your patients.

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