Managed Services

Self Service Essential Premium Platinum
Trial Period
Trial period only applies to single location accounts. For multi-location accounts, please discuss pricing with your account executive. None 14 Days 14 Days 14 Days
One Time Setup Fee
+$299 $299 $299 $299
Ability to switch to self service
*Available after three months of service N/A
Adding New Users
We can setup an unlimited number of users can be set up with access to the portal and automated reports. Users can be assigned limited access levels depending on each user's specific needs. Included in one-time set up
Customized Dashboard
Our team will customize multiple dashboards to view your data points important for your business all in one spot without needing to navigate through the portal. Included in one-time set up
Configuring Alerts & Notifications
Any portal user can be set up to receive real time alerts when new feedback or reviews come in. We will set up alerts for you. Our team will also send notifications when a response needs to be approved. Included in one-time set up
Uploading Contact Lists for you
Our team will upload the contacts provided by your company. No need to clean up the list, we will do that for you. We'll make sure the format is correct for a valid upload. Included in one-time set up Up to 2/month 4/month 12/month
Monthly SMS Text Messages
A set amount of text are included with the service. Overage fee of $0.02/SMS applies. Bulk advanced purchases available. 200/month 200/month 1000/month 2000/month
Manage Campaign (Review Flow)
Our team will help you create and manage up to five campaigns for all your customer touchpoints. We will continue to modify and customize the campaign based on the result to make sure you are getting the best results. One campaign included in one-time set up
Social Media - Sharing Feedback/Reviews
*ReviewInc will need access to the profile
Review Response
When reviews need attention, we will alert you with a suggested response. You can either approve it for us to reply or submit the reply yourself. We will also help you generate library responses to help make responding easier. Access to Google/Facebook accounts required for us to post your replies (or you can just click the post buttons yourself after we create your response)
Manage Zapier
If your CRM or EMR integrates with Zapier, we will take care of setting up and maintaining the zap. Access to Free ReviewInc Zapier App (requires your own Zapier Account) 100 tasks/month (Free Zapier) 750 tasks/month (Starter Zapier) 2K tasks/month (Professional Zapier)
Testimonial Widgets on your Website
Our team will design and configure a testimonial widget for your website.Once approved we will work directly with your webmaster to get it installed. Reviews can be set to automatically appear or we can manually approve them for you.
Monthly Update with Custom reporting
Once a month, our team will meet with you to review the previous months' progress.We will show you trends and any other data points important to your business.
Listing Services
Our team will help you claim profiles that have not already been claimed. We will offer suggestions on how to best optimize your profiles. If given access, we can make all the updates for you. (Not available during free trial, multi-location limitations may apply)
Manage Auto-Response Emails and Texts
Let us help you create a seamless journey for you customers by setting up Auto-Response flows. Our team will ask a series of questions to help create the flow of the customer journey and create notifications for both customers and staff. We will also create customized forms to collect pertinent data from your customers, clients or patients.
Google My Business Profile Setup
For those missing Google My Business profiles, our team will do the whole setup for you. *Requires admin access to your profiles.
Facebook Profile Setup
*Requires admin access to your profiles or we can create your profile and provide you access to your business page.
Custom Integrations
Custom integrations use our secure APIs. *Additional fees may apply based on scope of work.

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