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Negative Reviewer vs. Contractor: Yelp Lawsuit

We all want negative reviews taken down, especially if they’re exaggerated, or worse, untrue. But when it comes to negative online reviews, legal action is usually a last resort. Virginia contractor, Christopher Dietz, however--who’d had a number negative reviews left by former customer, Jane Perez--did…
February 19, 2013
Online Reviews

eMarketer Highlights ReviewInc: Online User Reviews

Recently, Krista Garcia of eMarketer reached out to ReviewInc's Chief Operating Officer, Henri Isenberg for their article titled "Online User Reviews: Building Trust and Boosting Sales". ReviewInc and Mr. Isenberg were highlighted with other industry experts from TripAdvisor, Yelp, Bazaarvoice, and TrustPilot.  The article provided…
February 12, 2013

How to Improve Your Yelp Reviews

Utilizing Yelp reviews is an essential component of your online presence can be a big asset for your business, especially if you’re a local one. As a local business trying to drum up attention and business, having great Yelp reviews can make a big difference.…
December 17, 2012
Online Reviews

CEO: Why I started ReviewInc

My name is Ron Laughton, CEO of ReviewInc. I own a thousand websites, most notably Spreety TV Online and Rank Ace SEO Tools. There came a day, when a brilliant idea is shared, and I dropped everything else I was doing. In September 2011, a call came…
November 30, 2012