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Combine the social media power of Hootsuite with the 600+ review sites covered by ReviewInc!

ReviewInc’s industry leading monitoring capabilities are now available for Hootsuite. ReviewInc supports 600+ popular review sites across over 100 countries, and organizes positive reviews for sharing on social media outlets. The ReviewInc app allows you to view reviews, filter the stream, customize workflows, and inspire more positive reviews by sharing existing positive reviews on your social networks.

  1. See the stream of online reviews from 600+ popular review sites in one place.
  2. Share the positive reviews on your social networks.
  3. A fully customizable workflow for sharing and responding to reviews.
  4. Social Media Experts: Be logged into multiple companies with different filters simultaneously.
  5. Email alerts, daily/weekly reports, historical charts, graphs, listing verification, chain management, sub-users for regional access, and live USA support.