When you’re a local company, local reviews can make a big difference for your business. If you’re looking to attract more customers – you first need more positive reviews.


In the recent past, when people wanted to grab a bite at a neighborhood restaurant, hit up a local hot spot, or find a service in their community, used to turn to newspapers, the Yellow Pages, or to their friends. Today, almost of that information has moved online. We all still want local advice and recommendations, but now we turn to the World Wide Web to get them. Local has gone digital – and global. New and potential customers can “google” local business reviews from anywhere – down the street or around the world.

Local business reviews are now found everywhere we turn, and their impact is huge. Google local business reviews lead the way, while sites like Yahoo!, Bing, Foursquare and numerous others are all making big waves. The good news? Local review sites have the potential to become more powerful marketing tools – if used correctly.

People are putting more and more stock into the things they read online—especially local business reviews. They impact everything from the restaurants we try to the services we trust. People feel strongly about their local communities and the local businesses in those communities. And, with the rise of local review sites, they have a new platform to share their experiences, their praises, and their complaints about those local businesses. That’s why, for a local business, reviews can make or break your reputation. If fact, local online business reviews can mean the difference between increasing your sales and scaring away potential customers.


Local business reviews affect your online reputation, but more importantly, they also directly impact your profits. That’s why you need to make sure you know what reviews of your business are being posted. It’s essential to know what’s being said about your business as people are saying it. That way, you can easily turn your local business reviews into your biggest assets and your satisfied customers into your biggest advocates.

At ReviewInc, we make staying in the know and in control of your local business reviews simple. Our unique platform allows you to monitor your company’s current reviews, all while helping you collect and share positive ones. ReviewInc helps you generate such reviews in an organic and natural way—and the best part is, they’re all written and shared, by real customers. By staying on top of your local reviews, your business can build a reputation you’re proud of and start increasing sales effortlessly.