It may seem like online business reviews such as Google Reviews are everywhere you turn these days.

That’s because they are. Business review sites are gaining status every day, and even search engines like Google have caught on to the appeal, and importance, of online business reviews.


Google has long dominated the search world, but now it’s moving into the realm of business reviews.  In order to keep up with the popularity of Bing Local, Yahoo! Local and more, Google has enhanced their business reviews platform by transforming it into Google My Business. With this change, Google has begun to include Google Business reviews in both their Google Maps results as well as their search results—meaning all these reviews are more accessible, and visible, to customers everywhere. Moreover, Google has incorporated these reviews into its popular mobile phone apps. As a result, consumers have access to business reviews wherever they are – even right in front of your business.

In today’s online world,  consumers are now turning to the internet for opinions on products and services, which could have been potentially written by people all around the world instead of a small group of family or friends.

When a business registers with Google My Business, their business—and its reviews—will appear alongside Google Maps and within Google’s search results. This can be a great thing for your business, if you take advantage of it.

The better your Google business reviews, the better your business will rank in their listings. This way, if you have a number of genuine, positive Google local business reviews, you can increase your exposure and drive business easily. But if reviews of your business on Google are less than stellar, they can lower your rankings, tarnish your name, and even turn away potential customers.


Search engines like Google understand the importance of reviews and, like it or not, your business’ listings can be affected by your reviews. Businesses, especially local ones, need to recognize the impact that Google local business reviews have, so that they can take advantage of a great opportunity to attract new customers and start turning reviews into revenue. Google has quickly replaced the phone book as the go to resource for consumers looking for local restaurants, stores and services, so having good local business reviews for your company is essential.

Make sure that you have a Google My Business profile is a good first step in taking control of your online reviews. Luckily it is very easy to start taking control of Google My Business Reviews. Here’s how to start collecting reviews if you’re a newbie:

How to Get Started on Google My Business

In order to collect Google My Business reviews, you need to get your business verified on Google. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Search for your business by company name and address.
  3. If you have not yet claimed your business page, you will need to fill out some basic information.
  4. Click submit.
  5. Look out in the mail for a postcard from Google with a PIN to validate your business, which you can enter when logged into Google My Business.

Once you’re registered and have a profile you’re proud of, the next step is getting the positive Google business reviews you’re looking for.

Here are some best practices for getting more reviews:

  1. Always ask. According to surveys, 80% of people will leave a review if asked to do so. In order to make it more likely that they will do so, as a business, you need to make it as easy as possible to leave a review.
  2. Remove any friction that would prevent reviews. If it is challenging to leave a review, customers will not. Direct them to your Google My Business page with as few clicks as possible so it is easy to leave a review.
  3. Perform tests to find the right time to ask for a review. The exact time will vary depending on your business, but find a time during the transaction when they are not busy and still on-site if possible, like while filling out paperwork. If you wait to ask, it is less likely that they will review, because their experience is no longer top of mind.
  4. Invite via text message or email for high open rate.
  5. To further simplify the process, keep them informed. Tell them why their opinion is important, why reviews matter to your business, when they will receive an invite to review, how they will receive it and what specific aspect of your business you’d like feedback on.
  6. Use a reviews management platform such as ReviewInc to streamline the reviews coming in. ReviewInc makes collecting, and sharing, positive reviews easy. We help you monitor what’s being said about your business online so that you can be aware of, and react to, Google local business reviews about your business immediately.

We also know that those who are the most vocal online are usually those looking to vent. In order to reduce the negative and get you the great reviews you deserve instead, we take down the barriers that get in the way of your happy customers sharing their positive experiences with the world. ReviewInc makes sure that your biggest fans become your best advertising, by making it simple and accessible for those customers who are willing to put in a good word for your business to do it. We make sure all your business reviews are natural and organic, because they come from your very own satisfied customers. This way, you can effortlessly improve your Google business reviews and start getting the business reputation you deserve.


  1. With ReviewInc, you can post reviews from Google My Business directly to your website easily within the software. For instructions on how to do this, contact our support team.
  2. Use positive or even negative reviews from Google My Business as content in creative marketing or advertising campaigns. The sky’s the limit when you use reviews as marketing collateral!