As a franchise owner, you have a lot of irons in the fire, and logging on to check all of your locations’ individual reviews is not the ideal use of your time. If only there were an easier way to maintain good franchise performance management. Well, now there is! With ReviewInc’s review management tool for franchise owners, managers of chains can monitor consumer reviews on over 600 review sites quickly and conveniently, so you’ll always know where your professional reputation stands. This easy-to-use franchise reputation management tool helps owners of multiple locations (restaurants, hospitals, etc.) keep tabs on the performance of their businesses, ensuring that standards of quality and customer service are met. This is brand management at its best – comprehensive and always up to date.

One of the key benefits of ReviewInc’s tools for managing franchise reviews is that they are highly customizable. Franchise managers can configure the programs to provide reports on all, some, or just one location. They’re also highly scalable, making them ideal for local or national chain management. Everyone from brand owners to franchisees with just a few stores can use the program to monitor reviews and mitigate any negative experiences that patrons may have. Don’t leave your chain reputation management to chance. Get the monitoring system that keeps you fully informed.

ReviewInc also provides franchise owners with the ability to track reviews over time, allowing them to observing trends and to take corrective action where necessary. Franchise chain managers can use the franchise owner reviews tool to drill down to read individual reviews as well, allowing them to get first-hand accounts of how their sites are or are not upholding the brand name. For franchise management done right, contact us at ReviewInc.