Online business reviews and the sites that feature them are fast becoming one of the most influential factors in the way that your business is seen online. More importantly, this rise in the popularity of customer reviews can mean big things for your business once you understand how to leverage the power of these reviews through strategic online business reputation management.


A business’ reputation is one of its most valuable assets. But sometimes, what makes or breaks this reputation, doesn’t always feel like something that’s in your control. Customers are more vocal than ever, and with the rise of business reviews and sites to share those reviews, they now have a number of platforms to discuss your business. Moreover, increasingly, consumers are paying more attention to these reviews. That’s why business review sites filled with a bevy of positive reviews and customer complaints are quickly becoming one of the most influential factors in what drives customers to, or from, your business.

People trust the Internet. Gone are the days where customers turn to newspapers or the Yellow Pages to find what they are looking for. Today, people put their faith the business reviews and complaints they read online—almost as much as they put in personal recommendations.

In other words, such reviews can make or break your business reputation online. Today’s consumers want to know what others are thinking and they trust review sites to tell them just that. That’s why business reviews on sites can have a huge impact on your business; the right reputation management for businesses can ensure that the impact is beneficial.


Whatever the size of your business, it’s probably already been rated on some review site. As social beings, people naturally want to share their experiences, good or bad. Whether it’s through rave reviews of your business or scathing complaints, online business review sites forever change the way that consumers see, and do business with your company. With the rapidly growing number of customer business reviews targeting small businesses, reputation for small businesses is becoming increasingly essential. Given how dramatically online business reviews and complaints can influence how consumers feel about a company, it would be unwise to trust that your business’s online reputation will somehow take care of itself.

What this all means is that it’s more important than ever to make sure your company is paying attention to what your customers have to say. Now is the time to take control of your online reputation. It’s not impossible to turn your business reviews and complaints from customers into positive praises. We’re here to help you transform your business online reviews and turn them into free advertising, to take your happy customers and turn them into your biggest advocates, and to use business reviews sites as highly effective tools for driving business straight to your door.