Vendasta Competitor: ReviewInc

ReviewInc is the best Vendasta competitor and here are 5 reasons why you should choose ReviewInc.

  1. BEST Online Review Management Software

  2. BEST Online Reputation Software

  3. BEST Review Monitoring for Customer Reviews

  4. BEST Way to Generate Reviews

  5. Optimal Business Reputation Improvement

Plus, ReviewInc is the price performance leader

Vendasta is a reputation management company that helps manage a business’ reputation. However, its capacity is limited, and no competitor is as thorough with reporting, analysis, monitoring, collecting, and amplifying your online reputation as ReviewInc.

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Let’s look at a few other reasons why ReviewInc is the best of the Vendasta competitors that won’t break your budget…

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ReviewInc monitors the MOST review sites (over 600 vs 400 with other services) than any other service, ensuring you have the widest coverage and reduce the risk of missing every review opportunity. Plus, ReviewInc is the ONLY Reputation Management system that offers 26 different languages providing you unlimited global access for worldwide business reputation management.


ReviewInc’s Patent Adaptive Email Domain Name Correction automatically fixes faulty email addresses, whenever possible, to ensure customers are reached without error. ReviewInc’s email system is optimized to deliver through spam filters, resulting in higher open rates than Vendasta.


ReviewInc offers live chat onsite so your questions or problem can be addressed right away! Even better, an actual person is on the other end, not a robot like on Vendasta’s site! ReviewInc’s unmatched customer support gives thorough live demos of the platform and excellent live training webinars so you are confident in knowing the software.

Isn’t ReviewInc starting to look like the best of the Vendasta competitors?

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For a more detailed look at how ReviewInc compares to Vendasta competitors, see the competitive matrix below:

Category ReviewInc Vendasta
Reporting Your Dashboard can show as few or as many graphs and charts as needed, and you can send it via email to other coworkers. You can also change the colors to match company branding.
Competitive Reports Regional/Local
Competitor Ranking
Email Reports
Replicate Dashboard in your email
Create Customizable Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report and allow for any combination of timeline reports
Mobile friendly email reports
User specific reports
PDF reporting
Track reviews and ratings over time
Listing Consistency
Fully customizable colors to match company colors, type and branding.
Review Generation ReviewInc’s software is global, offering 26 different languages, a complete view of the entire review flow, automated campaigns, surveys and microsites with extended features such as substitution fields designed to empower businesses.
Collecting New Reviews
Generate Reviews on target major, local and industry sites
Business drivers
Sentiment based survey
26 Different Languages Offered
QR codes
Customizable review site rules
Automated Review Requests by Email/Text
Assigned local text/SMS number
Visual Preview of Entire Review Flow
Review Marketing
Drip Campaign
Anti-spam protection
Automatic faulty email address correction
Customer-driven marketing
Review Campaigns
Custom email/text/timing
Automated Campaign
Upload campaign recipients in bulk via CSV or Excel file
Different flows to positive and negative feedback
Best practices
For highly optimized mobile delivery
Mobile kiosks
Business Cards
Review Management ReviewInc’s software monitors reviews in real-time, sends alerts, allows you to respond directly to reviews and automatically fixes broken links.
Review alerts: automated alerts and filter alerts by source and star rating
Respond directly to reviews
Issue Resolution Tracking
Ticket system within the platform
Manage negative review resolution
Integrate with existing support ticket systems and CRM platforms
Proactive issue management
Review Site Link Management
Fixes broken links to review sites
Monitor broken links to review sites
Social ReviewInc can be integrated with Hootsuite to share reviews on social media for fresh and interesting content. And better yet, this can be accomplished with just one click!
Auto-promote reviews
Hootsuite Integration
One-click social sharing
Admin ReviewInc allows you to customize user access to software and promote your brand online.
Compliant with spam filters
Unlimited number of users
Individual user access levels: by location, dashboard only, read only, limited ability to respond to reviews
Individual user access levels: user time zone setting
Individual user access levels: user country setting
Integrates with client email system
Ability to use client’s mail domain
Create client’s own email server
Embed portal into client’s system
Training/Support Read through our testimonials below…our customer service is top notch with trainings and webinars to help you get the most out of our service!
Live Chat
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We absolutely love Review Inc - what an amazing program they have - it makes it so EASY for us to ask for feedback and hear what our customers think of us. Keep up the good work!!! “Awesome! Our reviews have already increased and so has our average rating. Glad we made the decision to go with ReviewInc.

Great company with a great product. They have excellent customer service for all troubleshooting and the product really works!

Excellent functionality! We love this service and our customers give us a high rate of feedback. We love that the testimonials are not "held hostage" on someone else's site so we can stream them directly to our website.

What an incredible, friendly and helpful company/platform. The agency I work for has been using it for several months and we cannot be happier with the results, information displayed and overall satisfaction.

Since ReviewInc is the best of the Vendasta competitors, learn how you can build your business, improve your rankings online, and get the best value for your money.