The BEST Online Reputation Management Review Software

All-in-one access to your business reputation.

ReviewInc provides all-in-one access to manage your online reputation with UNIQUE customizations for a tailored, faster, and stable experience.

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Features Include

  • BEST Administration

    ReviewInc grants access levels for every type of user, so multiple team members can manage your reputation using just the features they need to do their job. The platform also includes an optimized email system designed to get you past the spam filters—critical when sending thousands of requests to review your product or service.

  • BEST Mobile Access to Manage Online Reviews

    Unlike other online reputation management software services that provides a “light” app with scaled down features, ReviewInc has full feature web access optimized for mobile devices. You get the same powerful mobile capabilities as a desktop at ultra-fast speeds.

  • One of the MOST Secure – Online Reviews

    ReviewInc delivers secure admin access with full data encryption, double encrypted passwords, including the unique ability to hide client’s names, making it one of the industry’s most secure review management platforms with full HIPAA Compliance.

  • One of the MOST Stable Online Review Management Services

    ReviewInc is renowned for reliability. Monitored 24/7 with a minimal 99.9% verified uptime, you’ll be able to monitor review and increase the ability to respond to negative customer reviews before they cause damage.

BEST Review Monitoring for Customer Reviews

Thorough analysis of your business reviews.

ReviewInc provides a thorough business reputation analysis of your online business reviews while giving you a comprehensive view of your online reputation. By utilizing the online reputation management tools, you can see a clear line of growth and productivity.

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  • BEST Online Reputation Management Dashboard

    With the industry’s most customizable role-based dashboards, you can design your preferred layout using robust filters based on ratings, date, source, review site, marketing campaign type, and more.

  • BEST Business Reporting

    The ReviewInc online reputation management software provides everything you need to properly monitor and manage your reviews, including competitive rankings, ratings and reviews over time, timeline reports, with customizable filters, even showing if your listings are consistent. The email reports with detailed graphs can be customized to match your brand identity and company logo.

  • MOST Review Sites Reviewed

    ReviewInc monitors the MOST review sites of any other online reputation management service (over 600 vs less than 250 with other online review services), ensuring you have the widest coverage and reduces the risk of missing any review opportunities.

BEST Way To Generate Reviews

The most versatile review generation software.

ReviewInc provides the most versatile online reputation management software with marketing campaigns and market research surveys designed around your business to get more customer feedback which converts into public reviews online.

ReviewInc Review Flow
  • Review Marketing

    Customer-driven marketing with drip, review, and automated campaigns that are fully customizable and timed perfectly. ReviewInc’s Patent Pending Automatic Email Domain Correction ensures that you are reaching your customers without error.

  • Visual Preview of your Review Generation

    A panoramic view of your entire online review flow is available on one interactive screen, including customized email and SMS campaigns, private customer feedback option, thank you notes, and follow-up messages.

  • Global Access to Online Reviews

    ReviewInc is the ONLY Online Review Management company that offers 26 different languages, providing you unlimited global access for local and international business reputation management.

  • Customer Market Research Surveys

    Fully customizable market research surveys raise instant awareness about your product or service, and when necessary, creates the opportunity to improve the overall customer experience.

  • BEST ROI Conversion Reports

    To see the ROI for your efforts, look no further than our matching system. ReviewInc is the only online reputation management review software that matches customer reviews and reports private customer feedback requests to public reviews.

BEST Review Management Software

Unmatched report customization & response management.

ReviewInc offers the best online reputation management software within a fully comprehensive customer review dashboard. Monitor customer reviews with unmatched report customization and instant review notifications. Respond directly to customer reviews, enjoy the unique ability to find review sites, and let ReviewInc fix the broken links for you.

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  • Review Site Auto-Fix Link Management.

    Your customer reviews are valuable and missing reviews can cause negative feedback to go unnoticed. With ReviewInc’s online reputation management service, the software automatically finds, monitors, and fixes review site links, guaranteeing you won’t miss your customer reviews.

  • Track Negative Customer Feedback to Resolution

    ReviewInc’s online reputation management system includes an easy-to-use workflow where you manage negative review resolution, generate Issue Resolution reports and help convert your customer experience into positive reviews. ReviewInc also integrates with popular support ticket systems and CRM platforms to reduce double entry and ensure thorough follow up.

  • Automatic Review Alerts

    Stay 100% current with your online business reputation with customized alerts every time there’s a review . Prioritize responses by filtering these alerts by source and star rating.

Optimal Business Reputation Improvement

All the necessary tools to boost your reputation.

ReviewInc empowers your business with all the online reputation management tools to boost your business reputation and bottom line:

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  • Best Review Testimonial Microsite

    Other online review management services host your customer review testimonial microsite off their website, generating SEO traffic for them, not your business. ReviewInc includes an app/widget that allows you to implement the microsite off your own site giving you the SEO traffic advantage.

    • MOST powerful online reputation management rules.

      Pull your best online reviews together with the exact criteria you want. Select filters to fix issues and see how your business reputation has improved.

    • Review Testimonials on Your Site.

      Ensure your website always has the freshest content with new public reviews and private customer feedback.

  • Best Online Reputation Management SEO analysis

    ReviewInc’s customizable SEO Impact Analysis shows exactly where your company reputation stands and how to boost your online rankings.

  • Star Rating in Google Search

    ReviewInc is one of the few online reputation management systems that can associate your testimonial review stars to your Google business search listings. With rich snippets, testimonial review stars provide a distinct “attention getter” advantage.

Plus, The Price Performance Leader

Results at an affordable price.

ReviewInc provides the best features, customizability, and results at an affordable price:

  • Affordable

    Packages can be up to 40% less than some competitive platforms.

  • Automated

    Save time with the automatic integrations with your CRM.

  • Unlimited Users

    Add as many team members to the platform as you wish for no additional cost.

  • FREE Support

    No cost for support, installs or updates.

  • Extended Voice & Email Support

    10 hours weekdays, 8 am to 6 pm PT.

  • Excellent Support Library

    Includes detailed videos, articles, and how-to guides at no extra cost.