Marketing Tools

Referral or Reseller Success Tips

Here are some suggestions to improve sales:

  • Write a Review or Personal Recommendation – Your website visitors trust you, and they’re at your website to learn from you. A review of our service or a personal recommendation “pre-sells” the user into being interested in us and trusting that it will help their business. This way, when you link to our sales pages, they’re in an open frame of mind to buy. This is usually a more effective sales technique than simply linking to our sales pages without pre-selling the user.
  • Integrate Our Services Into Your Content – One of the most sales-generating techniques is to simply include text links to our services in various places within your site’s content. If you’re doing an article about how small businesses are keeping their websites up-to-date, mention how Acme is an easy and affordable way to keep their pages current. Then make that “easy to do-it-yourself” text link to Acme. Your article is helping the user solve problems, and our service will help them achieve their goals.
  • Include Testimonials – If you don’t want to personally review or recommend our services on your site, you can use user testimonials (link to page) from our site about people’s successes with  Acme to help customers understand how easy it is to edit the pages themselves with one of our user-friendly plans.
  • E-mail Newsletters – If you have an e-mail newsletter, adding a blurb in your newsletter about your positive experience with one of our services tends to have good conversion rates. Just placing an ad for our services is also effective, but not quite as good as a personal blurb or recommendation.
  • Excess Ad Inventory – If you have unsold advertising inventory, try filling it with our banners or buttons including your links. This way you can make money off of unsold advertising inventory.

ReviewInc has created numerous marketing tools to help you succeed. Please contact your Channel Manager at [email protected] to request any of the below materials. 

Check out the latest promotional material including:

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Promotional Resources

If you don’t have a marketing director, or may not know how to set up and run promotions, you may wish to check out Robin Robins specializes in helping VARs and System Integrators promote their business and generate leads.

In order to request Market Development Funds for pre-approved marketing activities or programs, please contact your Channel Manager at [email protected]