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Why Is It Hard to Collect Feedback without Customer Survey Software?

  • Many customers don’t leave feedback unless asked, and if they do, they expect a response from the business. According to Marketing Land, 57% of of survey respondents in a mobile app reported that they are not likely to remain a customer if their feedback is ignored. 
  • You have a lot of customers.
  • There are many channels available and people don’t use just one.
  • It takes time and money to read surveys and analyze data.

Don’t worry…

ReviewInc can help!

Here’s How ReviewInc Can Help as Customer Survey Software

Customer Surveys

You can design customized surveys with hidden fields, sent to customers via email and text, from within the ReviewInc software. Coupons or discounts can also be inserted into surveys to reward customers for their feedback. In addition, you can easily display survey feedback on your website as a testimonial.

One Thread Email Replies/Exchanges

Even though you have so many customers, you can see all the replies and exchanges in one, central place so it is easy to keep track of all of them!

Survey Distribution

Surveys can be sent via email, text and social media, wherever your customers are. They can also be customized per location, color and brand.

Reply Tracking

With our software, you can reply directly via email and see responses as well as see which employee responded to emails. You can also see customer receipt and open date.

What’s Holding You Back from using Customer Survey Software?

What about popular survey-only tools?

Tools such as Google Forms and SurveyMonkey are limited. ReviewInc is a robust customer survey software that not only creates customized surveys and insights but can also proactively ask customers to review your business.

Are surveys complicated to set up?

No, you can use the default settings if needed. Best of all, our unmatched customer service team can help you customize the customer satisfaction surveys to meet your business’ needs.

How much time does it take to set up surveys?

You can set surveys up in just a few minutes with our Feedback Form or you can automate them so they take no time at all!

Is ReviewInc expensive?

No. In fact, it saves time and money because it does the work for you. It includes unlimited users at no additional cost, plus it is up to 40% less than other competitive platforms–as the industry’s price performance leader.

Picture This…

Your business has signed up with ReviewInc and now can not only send out customer satisfaction surveys that provide valuable insights on your service but can also increase the number of reviews coming in from all your customers. You can send surveys asking for customer, employee, brand and product experience. You can send them via text, email or while chatting on social media, so they fit in seamlessly to customer service communication.

You can also glean valuable insights from the charts, data and word cloud available from ReviewInc. With ReviewInc, you can easily gather feedback and improve your service, therefore incoming reviews are mostly positive. Sales are increasing and life is good!

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