Help Me Choose

It’s easy to decide if you want to be a referral partner–if you want to refer, not close the business, then chose this option. ReviewInc will handle closing the sale, all billing, onboarding/training, and ReviewInc will pay you a referral fee.

If you are an agency or a reseller, you might need some help.

Reseller Program

If you are already reselling your clients software (or SaaS) and the clients will manage their own reviews, then this would typically be your preferred option.

However, if your Value-Added service is managing reviews “for” the client (often done by MSPs who may also be managing SEO, shopping carts, security and their entire networks), then you can choose reseller or white label–whatever is preferred and fits your model best.

White Label (OEM)

This program is for companies that want to rebrand and sell the ReviewInc software as if it is their own. The white label program hides the ReviewInc name–there is NO reference in the materials, in the software, nor in any agreements–ReviewInc is invisible.

You handle all agreements and legal responsibilities, billing, onboarding and training, tech support, and you build your own market with your own brand.

A white label program is often selected by agencies (occasionally by resellers). About half will resell the software (under their own brand name), while the other half just offer “Online Reputation and Review Management” services–in which case the customer doesn’t know or care what is used–so long as their reviews are managed.

These agencies might combine it with managing their clients’ SEO, Social Media Services, Listing Services, PPC (e.g. Google Ads), etc.

The white label program has the highest margin–but the ReviewInc brand is hidden from the client and you are responsible for 100% of everything. It has some unique requirements (above in the grid and listed below).

Reseller Model

  • Traditional levels (Authorized, Gold, Platinum)
  • Quotas for Gold and Platinum. Plus, they have to provide 1st line support (onboarding, training, configuration, questions, etc.). Platinum also has 2nd line support (integration, advanced training, etc.)
  • Start at the Gold level (typically 3-6 months to ramp up to quotas and get certified)
  • Authorized resellers can only place orders through ReviewInc. Gold or Platinum can have their customers order via ReviewInc or they can take orders direct (and blend your markup and pricing with other services if you wish to charge more overall)
  • Extra 10% jump-start margin for anything that closes that was registered in the first 90 days
  • Leverage the ReviewInc brand
  • Includes promotional templates, product slicks, PowerPoints, sample landing page (optimized for SEO and leads)
  • Possibility of getting sales leads (depending on region and availability)
  • Market development funds for joint promotions
  • Help from channel sales for quotes and to close deals
  • Competitive margins – but not as high as a white label (but it requires more self-initiative, plus all branding/support, etc.)

White Label Model

  • Full control of pricing – purchase at wholesale, you set the pricing
  • Must offer 100% support (we support you in general, but not customer-specific (onboarding, training, tech issues), except 3rd line (product errors))
  • Must create your own brand, own agreements, own collateral (we have samples–but everything uses your name)
  • A one time initial setup fee (pays to setup unique back-end system to manage your accounts, more detailed training)
  • Monthly maintenance fee (a flat fee per month).
  • Currently, no quotas (may change in the future)
  • No Market Development Fees (MDF) to assist in promotions
  • No help from sales to close the sales (but will provide sales training materials)
  • Build your own brand – ReviewInc is invisible
  • Highest margins and most flexibility (but you need in-house resources)

They each have their pros and cons, but ReviewInc is flexible–according to your needs. You can also move between programs over time–whatever works best for your model.