If you’re a business owner, you’re probably aware by now that the health of your company depends to a large extent on your online reputation—and we at ReviewInc hope we’ve aided you in coming to that realization. We help your business build a strong Internet profile by encouraging your customers to post online their positive reviews of your company. But how do we do this? We’ve developed a variety of tools to generate reviews for your organization.

Customer Review

After a customer has paid for services rendered or products received, they will be given an opportunity to write a brief review of their experience with your business. There are several ways that they may be invited to write these reviews. A QR coded printed on a receipt or business card can give a customer a convenient way to write a review through their mobile device. You can also send them an email so they can compose one at their leisure. You can even invite them to review with an instant text (SMS) message to their mobile phone. Whichever way you wish to promote reviews of your company, your customer will have access to an easy-to-use form containing a clickable rating (from one to five stars) and a text box for comments. There are several other customized options available as well, such as a box where the consumer can provide an email address (which can be used to build a client list) and identification of the relevant service representative.

Customer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising, with over 88% of people claiming they trust these online business reviews as much as personal recommendations. Whether you have a significant number of negative reviews or the best online business reviews around, can make a big difference for your business. What your online reviews say about your business can have an enormous impact on your reputation, your future customers, and your profits.

Once they hit “send” on the form, two events occur:

  • First, a customer who wrote a positive review will be prompted to post it on an Internet site. It’s up to you to determine which site this may be; many clients try to steer their customers toward sites where the company’s ratings are relatively low. You can control what to prompt when the consumer writes a negative review.
  • Second, the customer is thanked for their review. A merchant may elect to include a coupon or discount applicable to the consumer’s next visit to your business. These discounts are provided regardless of whether the assessment was positive or negative (this avoids the ethical issues associated with rewarding your clientele for praising your services).

The business may elect to send a follow up email one to fourteen days later. This email again thanks the consumer for their participation, and if their review was positive, the body of the message will list a variety of additional Internet links and a polite request to “spread the word” further. It’s another opportunity to share customer reviews online.