Research has shown that the success of your business depends increasingly on your online reputation—and this is determined in large part by the number of positive reviews available on the Internet. In fact, a study from the Pepperdine University School of Business has shown that in influencing consumer behavior, online reviews come second only to personal recommendations from friends. The same study revealed that no less than 86% of all consumers consult online ratings to help determine which companies they do business with.

So how should you, as a business owner, go about collecting these reviews? There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, and we have invented a host of aids to help you make the most of these online business opportunities. With our platform, positive online reviews from your customers can make a huge difference to your bottom line!

It’s easy to ask your consumers to write reviews, but the specific ways of doing this depend on the type of business you own. One way that is almost universally applicable is to outfit your company website with a special review link that customers can click on to access a comment form. With this in mind, ReviewInc has developed a “Web Widgets” to encourage these types of reviews from visitors to your website; this includes a button that, when clicked, brings up our proprietary customized review form. We can also help you set up one of these buttons on your official Facebook business page.


If you’re a merchant with a brick-and-mortar store visited by your customers, you have an assortment of options available to you. One effective tactic is to create a store poster that features a Quick Response Code (QR code). When in-store customers scan the poster’s QR code with their smartphones, it will open a webpage that prompts them to write a quick review. You can supply QR codes in other ways as well, such as by printing them on your receipts, flyers, and business cards. Our reviews management platform can help you set up these QR codes. Other features include an email template that you can send to satisfied customers, which asks them to post their positive appraisal on one or more Internet sites that you select.

ReviewInc increases the number of your online ratings by helping you automate and scale the process. On the review form we can even include a free coupon or discount to customers who give you a review regardless of the rating. Please note that the incentive is provided regardless of the content of the review. That is, customers will get their coupon or discount even if their assessment is negative. Doing so avoids the dubious practice of rewarding people for positive feedback, and it also gives unhappy consumers a reason to rethink their opinion of your business.


At ReviewInc we make it easy for you to get the best online business reviews possible, without your business having to bend over backwards to do it.

With ReviewInc’s revolutionary platform, we let you monitor your business reviews online, all while helping you effortlessly increase your positive reviews, so that you can have the best online business reviews and the biggest return on investment. And the greatest part? All these positive reviews come from real customers. This way, not only is the process of improving your online business reviews organic and natural, it’s simple too! With our help you can make your business reviews your biggest asset.