10 Elements of Reputation Management Software

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What is Reputation Management Software?

Reputation management software automates the process of gathering reviews for businesses. It is designed to monitor and improve reputation because managing reviews manually is very time-consuming.

The Software tracks what consumers say about a brand on review sites, social media, and search engines like Google and Bing. With reputation management software, businesses can use reports to monitor their reviews, respond to them from one dashboard, and more.

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How Can Reputation Management Software Help My Business?

According to a study by Harvard, an increase in a business’ star rating leads to 5-9% increase in sales and revenue. Over 90% of people read reviews before choosing a business to work with.

Therefore in today’s digital world, it is more vital than ever to use reputation management software to boost business reputation.

Here are 10 Important Elements
of Reputation Management Software

  1. Customization of Email/Text Campaigns – Clients/partners have the flexibility to create custom messaging with any number of campaigns they want to utilize. They can create campaigns for new and legacy customers or different products/services.
  2. Easily create and customize Testimonial Widgets for your website and/or Facebook page.  – Automatically send your positive Google and Facebook reviews to your testimonial widget(s). Testimonials add credibility to your business for customers who discover your business for the first time.
  3. Review response management features save you time when responding to online reviews and tracking review responses – Respond directly through the software to respond to Google and Facebook reviewers. Responding to online reviews and ratings shows prospective customers that businesses care about their customers, and this is often a deciding factor for choosing a business to work with.
  4. Reports – Custom filters and many charts/graphs give customers the ability to create reports that meet their needs in presenting data they want to see.
  5. Automated email reports (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, etc.) – will present data with easy-to-understand charts and graphs to help analyze how your business is rated internally by your customers and how you look online.
  6. Word Cloud – Helps our customers understand trends and what their customers like about your business, and where you can improve.
  7. The breadth of Review Sites – There are hundreds of review sites online. Effective reputation management software enables businesses to collect reviews from the most popular ones: Google and Facebook and sites important to niche industries such as the 30+ healthcare sites, 20+ automotive sites, and the many travel and home services sites.
  8. Flexible review campaigns for all business and industry types.
  9. High Reliability of Review Campaigns – Anyone can automate thousands of emails and text messages, but not everyone can ensure high deliverability and open rates.
  10. Expert support is available live by phone to quickly address any questions.

Thanks for visiting. I’m Henri, the COO. We believe we’ve built the world’s BEST online reputation management platform (review management software)–all to help you get more and better reviews, manage those reviews, improve your online reputation, and increase sales. ReviewInc provides all the 10 important elements of reputation management software above and much more!

Many of our customers come to us initially because of our reputation–but also after having used other platforms that often lack critical features to make their job easier. Their search stops here!

Take a look around – I think you’ll like what you see, and talk to one of our Account Managers to learn more!

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